Our Legacy will Live Forever

Well damn, it’s been awhile. For me atleast,

Anyways, with the closing of Club Penguin I thought it was right to end it all with a post, and a final goodbye from myself.
Everyone that’s been in this army or even heard of us can say that we have had one hell of a ride. I’m proud and everyone that took part of being in this army ya’ll should be too, 3 fucking years one generation. That’s amazing. I want to thank you all for being here, we all grew as an army and a individual person. We basically grew up playing this game, and we have all learned so much. Some even built their own character off this. I wish the very best to everyone moving forward from Club Penguin, and Club Penguin Armies, Even to everyone that has already moved on and is already in college. Good luck and I hope you all end up somewhere nice after it.
It’s crazy how fast time flies. It’s already 2017, I joined CP back in  February of 2011. A couple of months after that I found the Army of CP, then the Army Republic. Those were some great times, besides ACP. Fucking assholes..Just about more than a year later, I created Chaos with Hypersonic. I never thought I would go pretty far with ya’ll, Hypersonic and I were the biggest noobs back then (Hyper still is but anyways), he disappeared as well so I was basically alone. It was tough but that hard work got the army somewhere, I couldn’t have done it all without the others though. Owl, Orange, Dae, Unknown, Flame, Gator, Wyo, and surprisingly 32op. I’m glad to have been friends with you guys, and be able to lead with. We had some great moments together. It’s truly been nice knowing you all.
My last days of xat will be March 29th with Club Penguin. I’m going to be saying my final goodbyes on that day, via http://xat.com/CPChaosArmy , http://xat.com/thearhq . I will never forget any of you guys, you all have played an important role in my childhood. Ya’ll were dicks, but it’s fine ya’ll still helped me create and build up this army’s legacy and have achieved many great accomplishments. That won’t mean anything anymore, I feel like the only thing we get out of this is how to write. Haha kidding, a lot of you kids have learned to be one hell of a leader I can see at least one of us taking some type of leadership role in the future whether it’s becoming the President of the US or CEO of a company. I’ve seen some great kids roll through this CP Army Community.

My penguin has lived for 2,207 days, damn

I didn’t even get banned for this one



What an amazing experience I had here. When I first joined armies, I used to hop around armies, not because I wanted high ranks, but because I could never find an army that was right for me. Then one day, I stumbled upon Chaos chat and I decided to join it because I knew Dae who was leading at the time. This decision to join was probably the greatest choice I ever made on this game.I learned so much from being in Chaos. I learned to never give up even when times are tough because you can always turn a situation around. I learned how to be successful by mixing in hard work and fun. I learned how to work with many different types of people and attitudes. Most importantly, I learned how to balance seriousness with fun.
As an army, I was hella proud of everything we had accomplished. We made the top ten a countless number of times when it was a very hard thing to do. We made an incredible run in the Legends Cup that included victories over IW and GD. We defeated LT in an amazing battle to win the SMAC tournament. We won many wars over the years including against WN, SPA, DK, and RF. We dominated the S/M community for three years straight, locking our name in the history books. And none of this couldn’t have been done without Sapper, Owl, Dae, Gator, Flame, Unk, Wyo, and all the other people who served in this army.
I’m very glad that I joined Chaos because these were probably the best three years I had in this community. I remember barely being in middle school when I joined and now I am a sophomore in high school. These are the people I grew up with and made my childhood fun. Though I’ve had problems with people in the past, I’d like to leave all that behind because holding a grudge over a game is a very stupid thing to do. Chaos is a family and I am glad to have spent it with some of the best people I have met.


WELL. Never thought I’d be writing another CP Army post ever again. But here I am! To say my final goodbye to this amazing family.
Chaos was an army like no other. Prior to joining Chaos back in November of 2012, I had joined many many other armies trying to find my fit. And when I first came across Chaos, I had no intention of joining as I was already in so many other. Yet I kept coming back to the chat and I enjoyed talking to the people there. At the time, it was extremely inviting. So I joined.
As the months continued of me being in Chaos, I saw it transform into something so unique. Everyone in it were dickheads but something about that made it fun. We had a beautiful balance between fun and seriousness (we had an event in a fucking limo) and that made the troops so much more motivated and it kept everyone going. We had become a family at that point. Myself, Dae, Sapper, Orange, Unk, Glitch, Dom, Meow, DMC, and so many other people became this extremely dysfunctional family that I somehow miss. More people joined the family, such as Gator, Sky, Game/Stephen, CR, Flame, Nav, and Peep. Of course, as these new people joined, some old ones started to leave.
Eventually, my time to leave for good came along, too. I’ve already said goodbye to the army community so I don’t think CP closing is hitting me as hard as it might for others. However, it is something that’s caused me to reflect on everything Chaos went through. We were hated, but we truly didn’t give a fuck. We enjoyed being who we were. Yes, we did want to be the best but I feel as if it never mattered that much. We didn’t focus on it the way other armies did, and I think we benefited from that.
So to whichever one of my former troops may read this, thank you for being a part of Chaos. Thank you for making some sort of impact on my life. You all were assholes, but you keep being you because something amazing was created from your asshole-ness.
P.S. – here’s a reminder that I have the most posts on this site 🙂

The last Chaos victory ft. Owl and Orange (look at message at top)

Also, I would like to take this moment to say goodbye to my two puffles- Potatocorn and Potato. 4ever in my <3

We deserved #1. We Lived the longest in one generation out of all them smh

Rest in Peace Club Penguin, October 24th 2005 – March 29th 2017

Rest in Peace to CP Armies as well, unless you guys some how find a way to live.

Rest in Peace to Chaos, July 25th 2012 – August 21st 2015  (1st gen)

Long Live the Chaotic Legacy

– Sapper [Chaos Creator]

Orange [Chaos Legend]

– Owlcity207 [Chaos Legend]


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