April 2020 Catalogs – Hidden Items & More!

Hello everyone! Today I bring you some Club Penguin Rewritten Cheats, this is the first cheat post we’ve done since the grand re-opening of Chaos, so I’ve added a couple bonus cheats in this post.

Special Penguin Awards Catalog Hidden items

By clicking the areas that are within the squares, you can find a white bowtie, white dress shoes and a pearl necklace. These items are only available during the penguin awards party.

Costume Trunk Catalog

During the penguin play awards party, the costume trunk has costumes from every play that has been at the stage! In the catalog you can find two secret items! The first being a penguin awards background, and the second one being the lobster outfit from the play, Underwater Adventure!

Free Party Items

Make sure to pick up your free reporter hat at the Dock! Don’t forget to also click the golden penguin award in the top right corner of your screen, to claim free items every day!
To get here, go to the stage and then in the back right corner and enter the backstage door.

April 2020 Penguin Style CatalogĀ 

In this section, I’ll be going through each hidden item within the catalog. Screenshot_3Screenshot_4
In this first page of the catalog we have 5 hidden objects (going left to right) you can find the cocoa bunny outfit, cocoa bunny ears, a green hard hat, a floppy hat and a red Viking helmet. With the Viking helmet, you can click on it 5 times to get the secret blue Viking helmet! You can get the purple Viking helmet by finding the blue helmet then clicking on the purple flower while you have the secret open! Screenshot_12
This page we have, The Tuft hairstyle, and a pearl necklace, perfect for the catwalk!
The ties contain a whole other outfit, that has; The Band hairstyle, a checkered tote, a rustic tunic and skirt, and pink canvas shoes! On the purple recycle shirt you can find the Lavander dress!
Clicking on the light blue penguin’s earring will give you a brown hoodie, the next hidden item is a purple designer scarf, and the last hidden object on this page is the blue glasses!
Some hidden items on these pages are, a blue quilted vest, a rose gold tiara and a blue purse! Perfect for any fashionista out there!
With these pages, you can find a really chaotic hairstyle, the fro! As well as some green cuckoo ka shoes!
Not only can you customize your Puffle wear on this page, but if you want to go old school, you can find an I love my Puffle t-shirt with the original Puffle design, what a throwback. This is also the perfect page to find items for your Chaos uniform!
On this page, you can find the classic Black Touque in the tree and a really rockin’ hairstyle called the Kahki Rocker Cap.
On this page, we have some cool Pink Rollerskates, as well as some super cute mixed bracelets!
Who said penguins can’t fly? Now they can, because this page contains all the items you need to become a piolet! A piolet cap, a test glider and aviator goggles! There’s also a blue vest hidden in there, on the green penguin’s arm!
As well as some cozy winter hats and scarfs, you can find some even cozier blue wool socks and an adorable hairstyle, the flutterby.
On this final page of the catalog, you can find some more winter wear! Some fuzzy red ear muffs, a red scarf and some snowshoes! Perfect for those cold spring evenings!

Better Igloo Catalog / Igloo Furniture

On these first few pages of the catalog, you can find some really cute pastel items, just in time for spring. Hidden among these items is a teddy bear, a pink sofa and a pink chair!
Always wanted a garden but never have the time or resources? Fear not because now you can make one in CPR! With these garden items, there’s a hidden picket fence, a palm tree and a birdbath, to really complete that garden look!
In these theatre themed pages, you can find hidden items that are essential for a movie theatre, like an LCD Television and a big screen TV!
These items are perfect for hosting a fashion show in your igloo, with hidden items such as a clothing rack, a wall rack and a violet velvet rope.
St.Patrick’s day and March might be over but these items are still available in the catalog, they would be perfect for making an enchanted forest igloo! You have some bonus items like the broom and a clover balloon!
You’re going to find a sweet treat with these hidden objects, you can find a plastic chair, a mailbox and a single wall light, if you’re looking for more of a classic or modern igloo style!
These Puffle items are just too cute, you can find a puffle tube to set up an obstacle course for your fluffy friends, or you can find a snazzy Snappy Shark to mount on your wall, even a puffle rug for your puffles to cuddle on.
Have you been studying enough? Apparently not if you’re reading this! Nah jk, but you can study these hidden items instead, a green rug, a scroll-down map and an easel, to test your creativity!
I don’t know about you, but I think these lights would make for an awesome party! You can find more lights, such as the show lights, concert lights and an HD TV!
Who needs to leave their igloo and travel all the way to the pizza parlour when you can just have one at home? You can find a hidden curved desk and some nice formal chairs to go with your tables!
Well, it seems like this catalog has everything but the kitchen sink… oh wait. By clicking on the said kitchen sink, you can find a penguin version of the Mona Lisa, and a beautiful sunset painting to hang in your igloo!

Igloo Upgrade Secrets!

These two igloo secrets have been around for as long as I can remember, back in the original Club Penguin even but some people might not know of them! You can find a single stone igloo and a deluxe stone igloo by clicking the circled items in the catalog!

Older Hidden items

Some of these items, like the igloo secrets, have been around for a long time but I’m still going to share them!

Snow & Sports Catalog

A huge fan of hockey but not a fan of the colors red or blue! Fear not, you can find a green hockey jersey and create your own green team!
Every team needs a goalie, so don’t forget to get your green goalie outfit!
You don’t like hockey? That’s ok! You can cheer on your favourite team by buying a pair of pompoms to cheer them on!

Pet Furniture Catalog

Check out all the fun items for your puffles to play with! There’s also a secret puffle condo that they’ll love to play in!
Can’t find a house for your brown or grey puffle? Don’t worry, the black puffle is just keeping them hidden! Click on him to reveal the houses.
No beds for your grey and brown puffle? Jeez, what does CPR have against the poor things? Oh wait there they are, the purple puffle is hiding them!

Other Catalogs & Free Items Around the Island

Check out this cool mini catalog down at the Cove! It contains 3 surfboards! By clicking the letters at the top of the catalog you can find a secret silver surfboard. There’s also other mini catalogs in the night club, on the Ski hill and in the Ski lodge!

Where can I get the key to access Rockhopper’s Captian Quarters?

That’s easy! All you have to do is go to the Coffee Shop and head up to the Bookroom. Click on the bookcase then click The Journal of Captain Rockhopper book. You can read it if you want, but it’s not needed. You can skip to the back of the book to find the key to Rockhopper’s captain’s quarters!Screenshot_52Screenshot_51Screenshot_49Screenshot_50

There is also another book where you can obtain a friendship bracelet!


Speaking of keys… How do I get into the locked room in the hidden lake?

How do you get into the hidden lake? Well you need a key, and to find that key there’s a hint on the door.
Using this hint, go to the mine and head to the Puffle Rescue game. Screenshot_56
Play the ocean level with the black puffle.
On the very first level of the game, head up to rescue the puffle, but then wait until you see the shadow of a squid swim under you. It will produce air bubbles that you have to swim over, so it pushed you up and your penguin won’t drown. Follow the squid until you get to an area that looks like the one below.
From there, you’re going to want to follow the blue patches until you see an area with stairs.
Enter this area to get into the secret underwater area.
Be sure to grab the key pin or you’ll have to do the whole thing over. From there you’ll always be able to access the room!

Secret Grey Puffle Room!

In the Dojo, theres a path of flower petals that lead to a secret room in the dojo, but how do we get in? First thing to do is read the clue then head to the petshop.
At the Pet Shop, click on the Adopt A Puffle and flip through the pages until you reach the back of the catalog.
On the back of the catalog is the pin that will give you access to the secret door in the Dojo!
Going through the door in the right corner will bring you to another room!
By following the stone path you can reach the Grey puffles in their garden, it’s honestly really gorgeous! You can also adopt a grey puffle there too!
Thanks for reading this month’s cheats & secrets! I hope these helped you guys out, let me know if I missed any secrets or hidden items!
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