Declaration Of War Against RPF

Good evening, Chaos.

I am back, and i am out looking for war and i’ve found it. For those of you that don’t know me..nice to meet you i’m jester, i joined armies in 2007 and ive lead numerous armies since then. I kickstarted some of the longest wars in CPA history and you can bet this will be no different although that isn’t my goal here.. i want this to be fast and to the quick but if need be i will go the distance and i will win.

Don’t cry, don’t whine about how you’re about to get blitzkrieg’ed to hell, Elmikey wouldn’t cry. I never cried when I lead DCP when the entirety of CPA was after me in 2015. That’s the difference between RPF today and RPF now.. it’s that there’s no soul, every time i come to RPF chat i recognize nobody. It’s hard to even consider you guys an army, you are just so artificial and i’m going to have a lot of fun when this is over because there can only be one outcome and that’s us raising our empire flag on Tuxedo and reminding RPF that you can’t escape histories past as much as you want to. The countless times i have been banned on your discord along with other vets just because i had involvement in armies.. what are you ashamed of? We understand benefits out-weigh the costs, you obviously have a lot of manpower but we also understand you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take so what i say to that is we will be over there, AND WE WONT COME BACK UNTIL ITS OVER, OVER THERE. So, good luck against a very determined bunch that is chaos because you will need it.


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