EPF & PSA Walkthrough

Do you ever wonder how to become an EPF agent? Or forget how to become one? Well here’s the tutorial for it!
The first thing you have to do is ask another penguin, who is already an EPF agent, for an invite to the EPF. Then, they will mail you a secret EPF letter.
By hovering over the letter, you can reveal a button saying Go There, by clicking this you can go straight to the Everyday Phoning Facility (Fun fact; this used to be a room hidden in the Sports Shop in the original Club Penguin back before the mission where Herbert blew up the EPF headquarters with popcorn!)
First step to completing the test is to click on the ringing phone, then this will bring out a target in the corner, in which you have to throw a snowball at. After you hit the target, the TV screen will display instructions that you have to follow, like in the images below.
For the stealth section, you have to hide from the cameras. you can hide behind the pillar to hide behind camera #1, while the tv waits to boot up the second camera, you can run around the pillar to hide on the other side if you’re quick enough.
When the TV asks you to step on the blue square, avoid it since it’s a trap, you cant have EPF agents being trapped when it’s an obvious trap!! (Someone should tell that to Rookie)
Once you pass the test, you’re now a full EPF agent!
In this room, there’s a mini-game called System Defender and a Feild-Ops, where you can do missions on the island. Going into the Tube Transport will bring you to a secret training room.

PSA Tutorial

Club penguin rewritten also has a PSA! You can take the test to become an agent by clicking the moderator badge at the top right corner of your screen.
From there, click “more rules”
On the next page, click the word “Speak” in the rules then this secret agent test will show up, fill out the test with the answers below.
PSA 4PSA 5PSA 6psa 7PSA 8PSA 9psa 10PSA 11psa 12PSA 14PSA 13
By finishing the test, you’ll get a spy phone and a post card from the PSA.
PSA 15PSA 16
To get to the PSA HQ you can now open your player card, click the phone and then hit “Visit HQ” then it will bring you to the room below.
psa 17
In there you can find a catalog / guide book for the PSA, as well as the old missions you can complete to get rewards.
psa 18PSA 19
By clicking on the sunglasses, you can find night vision goggles!
PSA 20
That’s all for this guide! I hope it helps.

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