900th Post

Zero Edit: I also accidentally stole this post from her and she got really upset and change the date of my post :wary:

Side note: With all the posts that were unknown to the author, I went through and counted to find. That is what I call d e d i c a t i o n.

Hello Chaos,

I am making this very important post today to inform you that this is the 900th post on Chaos website! We’ve come such a long way from when we began. Read more to see the full history.

In a completely boring manner, the 100th post was written by Madhav on December 1, 2013. It seems that this post was written during a kinda low point in Chaos history. Madhav was 2ic at the time and it seems he had no idea that this was the 100th post, as you can see here.

And then, on March 26, 2014, Sapper and I were rushing to make the better 200th post. As we did that, Wyo made a stupidly quick post. That can be seen here, along with edits from myself, Sapper and Gator. Also, please take note of the URL of this post.

On June 10, 2014, Wyo once again stole one of the hundreds as he created an invasions post in which Chaos was invading unclaimed servers. This is another post that seems to be posted unknowingly and can be seen here.

The 400th post was the first win for me, as I wrote it on July 26, 2014 as quick as possible. Funny enough, this was a post in which I was announcing a break I was taking and can be seen here.

The 500th post was yet again, yours truly. It was a short and simple post written on November 9, 2014 and can be seen here.

And then, the 600th post was written in true Sapper fashion on December 30, 2014. You can see what I mean by “true Sapper fashion” by looking at it here. In case you were wondering what I meant by Sapper cheated, take a look at this picture that shows the two posts he made prior:

700th post was honestly a little sad because it was an event results post in which we had lost our capital during a war against our old enemy, Redemption Force. That post can be seen here and was posted on February 24, 2015.

The 800th post was written on June 28, 2015 by our very own 123go12, who is still in Chaos! He wrote this post once again without the knowledge that this was one of the hundreds. It was a normal US training event and can be seen here.

And now, here we are at 900. Looking through all these posts made me realize how much we’ve grown. And I’m not just talking about as an army (because hell ya we grew in numbers, too). But as people. It was fun back then to mess around and compete over something so silly, such as having the posts to one of the hundreds. It’s amazing how much we’ve grown and matured. However, with that being said…

Fuck you, Sapper and Wyo. The 900th post is mine. See you again at 1000.

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