Quick disclaimer: Not all of these pictures include our total max from the event, you can find those in each individual event post.

Howdy Chaos!

It’s been exciting week, hasn’t it? Declaring war on RPF, having LGA and WOK declare war on us… Beating RPF WoK in the defense of Ascent, having an unschedule AUS event, Orange and Unk’s birthdays, Defending Beanie from RPF. We even got to join in on the largest battle in CPR/CPA:TG History – The Battle on Tuxedo, and ending the week with a Practice Battle vs LGA which they didn’t show up for.

Great job this week Chaos! I know it’s been a hectic week, but you’re doing a great job and we will be done with this war before you know it and we’ll be back to a regular schedule! We have lots of stuff planned, so stay tuned! This being said, on Sunday we will have promotions!

Zero, Owl, Orange

Chaos Leaders

Unscheduled AUSIA Event 4/26 – Max 23 / Average 19
Unk & Orange’s Birthday Event 4/27 – Maxed 45 / Average 40
Defense of Beanie 4/28 – Max 32 / Average 30
Invasion of Tuxedo 4/29 – Max 21 / Average 19 due to CPA:TG difficulties
Battle for Ascent 4/30 – Max 32 / Average 30
Practice Battle vs LGA 5/1 – Max 33 / Average 30

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