May Clothing Catalog Secrets!

Hello, Subster here again with the next Penguin Style secrets! May addition!Screenshot_1Screenshot_2Make sure to buy your custom hoodie while you can! They’ll be gone in June!Screenshot_7The new backgrounds for this catalog! Pretty sure a music party is up next for CPR!Screenshot_3On this first page of the catalog you can find, A Check My Moves Vest, The Iconic hairstyle, and even a violin!Screenshot_4On this next page, you can find, a Pink Cowgirl Hat, a Pink Cowgirl Shirt and a lasso, to tie your cowgirl (or cowperson / guy) look together!Screenshot_5On this last page of the new catalog you can find, an Acoustic Sunburst Guitar, a Supernova Suit, both the red & blue Viking helmets, and finally you can find The Rocker hairstyle!!Screenshot_6Don’t forget to pick up this month’s penguins at work outfit, and the new item of the month!!Screenshot_8Heres the news for May! See you in the Igloo catalog guide!!Here Comes Chaos!-Subster

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