Practice Battle vs LGA – Victory

Orange: Also quick shout out to everybody who came today! We took this time as a chance to practiceĀ  a lot of new formations which we did an exceptional job at today! Our tactics were also amazing!

Howdy Chaos!

Today, we logged onto Marshmallow (Toboggan) to battle LGA. LGA showed up for like two minutes, maxed 6, and then forfeited and said we’re using allies. We had Cubster, who is our Advisor and is an ACP soldier log on in the wee hours of the morning. We maxed 33 and averaged 30!

Because of this, 2 minutes before the battle started LGA messaged us in a Discord we share with Kosmos and LGA saying they forfeit. One person, which breaks the “no dual-enlistment / no allies” rule, is the reason LGA forfeit the war. This is both hilarious and pathetic. We show up with 5x your size and you back out of the war you started because we have one person who is “dual enlisted.”


Chaos Leader

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