Lolly's Retirement Post

well okay!
this has been a very interesting past couple of weeks. including this most recent one.
i’d just like to say it was a pleasure to vibe with everybody! i’ll make sure to hang around every now and then to check up as well.
i’d also just like to thank those in chaos and barbz who made this short week a lot more fun! you all made the thing that started as a simple funny to be a lot more interesting i’d think. thank you for that lol,,

anyways . i’d like to keep this short and sweet instead of rewriting the bible so i’d like to say just a few things before heading off

stan doja cat
add my spotify (@tinypineappless thanks)
support small owned businesses and indie creators
respect the drip bro

Sub Sandwich Transparent & Free Sub Sandwich Transparent.png ...
april fools

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