Results of the World War Rewritten

Howdy Chaos!

Well this week has been unique. When I brought Chaos back alongside Owl and Orange, none of us expected to getting thrown into a World War immediately. We talked about rolling over a couple armies just for the hell of it, old time’s sake.

So, let’s talk results.

Chaos v WoK
While overall, this deal seems bad for Chaos – I can assure you that it is not. We personally only care for a handful of servers and Ascent and Slushy are not one.

Chaos gives up any claim on Ascent, CPR and Slushy, CPATG and agrees that those servers are now under WOK occupation. Chaos and WOK become allies, for at least 1 month from now, which means they cant declare war on each other. All invasions declared on that 1 month period against each other are automatically invalid, and the aggressor army concedes its whole territory to the other one.

Chaos v LGA

After LGA no showed the first battle, they showed no interest in continuing the war effort.

RPF v Chaos

RPF and Chaos came to a ceasefire by agreeing that RPF wins the war. However, we only got into the war to support our allies, the Army of Club Penguin, and had no intention of furthering the conflict outside of that. We have no allegiance with any other army in the alliance and have worked out ceasefires with WoK and LGA. This being said, we definitely surprised them and took battles that they probably expected to be an easy win.

We are proud of all the hard work you guys put in this week, taking on three separate armies, including the biggest army on this platform. We surprised many people in this war, showing that we are big players in the community and we are looking forward to having an amazing summer here at Chaos. We have a lot of fun stuff planned for this next month and I am looking forward to announcing everything we have in store. World War Rewritten was an awesome experience, but it’s time to move forward.

Here Comes Chaos

~Chaos Leaders

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