Events for the Week

Hey Chaos!

This past week has been rather crazy with all the war events. Let’s take it down a notch and have a bit more fun this week! Here are the events for this week and make sure to Check our Discord for more details:


May 4th is Star Wars Day! And since we are all a bunch of nerds, we must celebrate properly

[2:30 AM BST (May 5th) // 9:30 PM EST // 8:30 PM CST // 7:30 PM MST // 6:30 PM PST]



On May 5th, we will have our first official U-Lead and allow troops to try out their own tactics!

[2 AM BST (May 6th) // 9 PM EST // 8 PM CST // 7 PM MST // 6 PM PST]



On May 7th, we have a UK Training Session scheduled with the following times

[7 PM BST // 2 PM EST // 1 PM CST // 12 PM MST // 11 AM PST]



On May 9th, we currently have a training session scheduled, but I’m hoping to work out a Practice Battle, so stay tuned for updates!

[2 AM BST (May 10th) // 9 PM EST // 8 PM CST // 7 PM MST // 6 PM PST]


Make sure to keep an eye out in our Discord for game nights and movie nights!


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