Changes in Chaos [5/3/2020]

EDIT: Refer to Owl’s post for the events of this week

Howdy Chaos!

This might be a bit of a lengthy post, but it lays out all plans that Chaos has.

First and foremost, as of 5/3/2020, Chaos will be entering isolation for two weeks. We will not be participating in any wars, and we will not be actively making advances towards other armies. During this time, we will be focusing on growing our community, splitting Chaos into two new divisions, and practicing new formations and tactics.

The winners of the RECRUITING Nitro Giveaway will be announced tonight at the Star Wars Event!

First and foremost, when we brought Chaos back we thought it would be cool to have two separate divisions in the future. At the time, we simply named them “Red Chaos” and “Blue Chaos”. However, since this is likely Owl, Orange, and my last hurrah in armies – We decided to make these an ode to our past. I would like to formally introduce our two new divisions, Chaos Rangers and Chaos Patriots.

These two divisions over the coming weeks will have a series of battles vs each other, practicing new and unique formations.

Also, here in the coming weeks, we will be swapping to a new webhost. If you’re visiting our domain (, the only thing you will see is just the site change and might notice much of a difference – but we have been hard at work updating the website so that it has a more modern look to it. In the meantime, we will be using this website and hope to have a seamless transition to the new web host.

Third, we will be focusing a lot on recruiting new friends to Chaos. We have lots of fun activities in the works (more game nights, movie nights, and giveaways and competitions), so make sure that you keep an eye on that.

Our goal has always and will always be to have fun.  Chaos is not here to run your life, we’re here to give you an escape from reality. We are doing this for fun, and if you’re not having fun – I want you to come to us and we can see if we can work something out so that way it’s more fun.

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