Key to the Hidden Lake

How do I get into the locked room in the hidden lake?


How do you get into the hidden lake? Well you need a key, and to find that key there’s a hint on the door.


Using this hint, go to the mine and head to the Puffle Rescue game. Screenshot_56

Play the ocean level with the black puffle.


On the very first level of the game, head up to rescue the puffle, but then wait until you see the shadow of a squid swim under you. It will produce air bubbles that you have to swim over, so it pushed you up and your penguin won’t drown. Follow the squid until you get to an area that looks like the one below.


From there, you’re going to want to follow the blue patches until you see an area with stairs.


Enter this area to get into the secret underwater area.


Be sure to grab the key pin or you’ll have to do the whole thing over. From there you’ll always be able to access the room!

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