May Furniture Catalog

Hey Chaos! Today a new Better Igloos catalog came out today! So here’s all the hidden items for it. There’s also new music for your igloo out too!

Page 1

By clicking these highlighted areas you can find, a CD Rack, a Groovy Jukebox, a Microphone, and a Guitar amp for all your concert needs!

Update: By clicking different spots on the jukebox, you can find more!

Page 2

By clicking these items, you can find all 3 records, Country, Rock and Classical!

Page 3

What would a music concert be without a Confetti blaster, some musical motifs and some flares? Make sure to buy those to have one of the most extreme concert lights ever!!

That’s all for this month’s catalog! Don’t forget to check out the new music and two new igloos!

Here Comes Chaos – Subster

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