Events for the Week

Hey Chaos!

Here are the events for this week! They were made keeping the poll in mind to try and test out different times for our events. Make sure to Check our Discord for more details:


May 11th we’ll start off with a simple training session!

[10 PM BST // 5 PM EST // 4 PM CST // 3 PM MST // 2 PM PST]



On May 12th, we are trying to schedule a PB, but for now it’s just a training session.

[1 AM BST (May 13th) // 8 PM EST // 7 PM CST // 6 PM MST // 5 PM PST]



On May 14th, we will be celebrating the birthdays of Flame and Stephen, two Chaos veterans!

[2 AM BST (May 15th) // 9 PM EST // 8 PM CST // 7 PM MST // 6 PM PST]



On May 17th, I’ve scheduled a U-Lead because that was a troop favorite from last week!

[11 PM BST // 6 PM EST // 7 PM CST // 8 PM MST // 9 PM PST] –


Make sure to keep an eye out in our Discord for game nights and movie nights!


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