Public Statement Regarding Chaos – Closure

Howdy Chaos!
Unfortunately, tonight I do not bring good news. If you are in our Discord server, as of 11:20 PM EDT, the Council came together and had a very late, last minute meeting regarding the direction that we will be taking Chaos.
Overall, the decision was to close Chaos on May 31st. We have a couple posts in the works that going to be posted the week of May 24th.  This reflects CPO’s announcement that they will be closing their doors the same day. While CPR is insisting that they will not be closing their doors, our decision does not change. The only people who are allowed to bring Chaos back are the Chaos Council, and it requires a 5/6 vote for the army to be brought back. Any attempt to bring back Chaos or any variation of the name Chaos will be deemed illegitimate.
This being said, let’s make the next two weeks something to remember. Let’s look back at our time spent here and be like, “damn, that was fun.
I personally want to take a moment and say, that it has been a massive honor to lead Chaos one last time. Even if it has literally been chaos (no pun intended :D), madness, and drama, every fucking step of the way. It has brought me a sense of closure to myself that I didn’t even know I was missing. So thank you, Chaos Crew, for letting me take the reigns alongside Owl and Orange, One Last Time.
Below, is the messages from several Council Members posted on our Discord.

(from Zero / MrWyoskyguy)
Howdy Chaos!
As many of you probably know, Disney has issued a Cease and Desist for all Club Penguin Private Servers. I have attached images at the bottom with statements from Club Penguin Online and Club Penguin Rewritten’s statement. While CPR claims that they will not be shutting down, we have made the decision to close Chaos as a Club Penguin Army, regardless of CPR’s statement on closure.
Going forward however, we will be focusing on being a full gaming community. I’ve run Minecraft servers before, and I know somebody who is hosting a conquest server with the Minecraft real world project. This is likely to be the primary feature, although we won’t be enforcing anything. You’re welcome to play with us, but otherwise, there are lots of games to play and the options are basically endless.
As a Club Penguin Army, Chaos will be closing it’s doors officially on May 31st. We will have a couple of things planned for the last week, so we will be announcing that soon!
Once again,
Here Comes Chaos!
Zero, Owl, Orange
Chaos Leaders

(From Orange)
Hey everybody! As you are all aware, Chaos will be officially shutting down for the last time as a club penguin army on May 31st, 2020. We have had an INCREDIBLE journey, from OG CPA all the way to this past month on CPR. As much as I can go on and on about all the accolades and accomplishments we have, nothing is more important the the family we have developed. As much as all armies claim to be a family, I honestly think Chaos has the closet and best friendships out of any army out there. The fact that nearly almost every veteran/legend was on board with this generation honestly made me extremely happy; I realized that this group of people is special and we will always to together. This is why I am asking for every troop, veteran, ex-leader, ally, or just people who just hung out on Chaos to send me how Chaos has affected them personally. Whether you were here with us back in 2012 or just recently joined in 2020, I want everybody to DM me their full experience with Chaos. This could be a small message with 50 words or a huge retirement post with 500+ words (similar to what AR did here Just whatever you want to talk about such as how you joined Chaos, how your experiences were here, and how this army will have a lasting impact on you (also I know some of y’all dmed Zero already, but you can DM again what you told him or add more stuff if you’d like). I would like for everybody to get theirs messages in by May 28th, 2020 so I have time to compile this large post. Anyways thank you everybody for being apart of this journey and lets end this on a great fucking note!
June 25th, 2012 – May 31st, 2020
Here Comes Chaos!
~ Chaos Council

(From Owl)
tldr; we’ve decided to shut down as a CP army on may 31st. we will continue as a larger gaming community. if you would like to share your experiences in chaos, dm a blurb to orange

(From Sapper)
Chaos is so powerful we even killed all cpps wow :wary:

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