Hello and welcome to the first edition of the most important top ten in the whole entire CPA community ever to exist. This top ten consists of only the greatest armies and their ranking for the week.

Disclaimer: There may or may not be a lot of bias in this post. That is because my opinion is actually factual. No, I do not take criticism.

1 – Chaos
2 – Barbz
3 – Citrus Army
4 – Yak Yak Crew
5 – Hide and Seek Squad
6 – Wyo Warriors
7 – The Owls
8 – Zero’s Alt Names
9- ACP
10 – Just Orange By Himself

1. Chaos – Chaos had a GREAT week. Best army ever. They say they maxed 1000, but unfortunately were unable to get pictures during that event (there was too much lag). But that’s okay, because they’re great and we trust them. They had some training sessions, a PB against ACP, and a birthday celebration.

2. Barbz – Barbz had a great week with their amazing leaders, Bart and Sanmiasha. They had 4 events: A practice battle against the Purple Prison Mike Gang and invasions of Parka, Southern Lights, and Outback. They maxed 10-12 at each of these events.

3. Citrus Army – A new army to the scene, Citrus Army is led by Orange and Lemon[ade]. In their short time as an army, they have managed to have a Practice Battle against ACP and against Elites! They won both, as they maxed around 11, which was more than ACP. And, Elites had fled the server. A strong start!

4. Yak Yak Crew – An army that has been around for a while, but has only just now had their first event. They are a little unconventional in their events, by doing discord events. A little odd, but we’ll accept it.

5. Hide and Seek Squad – An army based off the classic game of hide and seek had a strong week, maxing 10 five different times. Their event pictures are a little harder to get as their tactics consist of hiding.

6. Wyo Warriors – No events this week, but they get points because I like them.

7. The Owls – They had one event this week with a max of 13. However, they lost a few points this week due to some allegations of editing pictures.

8. Zero’s Alt Names – They maxed 4. Once again, not pics of their events, but it’s led by Wyoskyguy, Aurelius, Marcus, iSky, and itsZeroday. Yes, 5 leaders but maxing 4. One of them is kinda lazy.

9. ACP – ACP has had plenty of events this week, and even maxed 67 at an event! However, during the PB with Citrus army, they only had 3 troops show up, which brought them down to 9th place.

10. Just Orange By Himself – It’s all in the name.

And that’s all for this week! Comment below your thoughts (but positive thoughts only- as stated earlier, I do not accept criticism). Do not stay tuned because I will not be making another one next week.


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