Hey Chaos,
It is with a heavy heart that I make this post. I never would have imagined this day would come, but it is what it is and I would like to explain myself.

Today, at 10:57 PM EST, Orange (aka EpicOrange1) said something absolutely horrid in the Chaos main channel. This led Zero and myself to make the quick decision to coup him, as this type of language is banned from our server. The way Orange spoke is not welcome in our server and does not represent what we, as a community, stand for. Although there is less than a week left of Chaos being alive in the CPA community, I do not want our legacy to be remembered as one with a leader that could say something so vile. Some may think I’m overreacting, and to that I say, would you ever say something like this? In a server with over 200 people? Would you? I’d like to think not, as most people in this community actually have common decency.
So, without further adieu. Orange is hereby couped from the Chaos Army and will lose his place as one of the best leader, as well as lose his legend status. Let this be a warning to all: Do not use this type of language, whether it is in private or public. Here is a screenshot of what was said as evidence:

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