Closure of Chaos

Howdy Chaos,

On June 25, 2012, Sapper created an army dubbed as ‘Chaos’, a name that was quite unorthodox at the time, however many have grown to love (or hate) it. Little did he know, he was about to create a powerhouse that would be around for almost a decade and who’s legacy would live on in the community forever. The name “Chaos” has been be ingrained into the history books and has served as the model army for many around it and for many going forward.

.The first generation was extraordinary as we were alive for over 3 years, a feat very few armies can claim. This generation was our defining one; we gather a multitude of accolades which included being the champions of many tournaments, holding the title of being the best S/M army year after year, and having a very impressive war record. On February 17th, 2016 we opened our second generation with immediate success. Though this one did not have the longevity as the first generation, we achieved what every army dreamed of: 1st place on CPAC. Once we shut down in 2016, we believed that this would be the last generation. Most of us went our separate ways and left the army community. There were years with little to no communication for a majority of us until a chaos reunion server was created by Zero and Owl in summer 2019. They spent months slowly bringing all the familiar faces back together, nearly bringing back almost every veteran. And then in 2020, after discovering that there was a CPPS army community present that was thriving, Owl, Zero, and I got together and we decided to bring back Chaos one last time.

This generation has been full of surprises – we did not anticipate that all these veterans would be so open to return to the Cub Penguin Army community. However, one by one, more and more old faces came back for the last ride. Chaos has always been a strong community and the fact that so many people came back just for this return shows how strong the bonds we have here. We were able to create probably the best lineup of leadership staff in Chaos history which helped our army prosper. This generation has been nothing short of spectacular and I am proud that I played a role in putting things together.

After 8 long years, of causing chaos, we have finally decided to shut our doors for good. This has been an incredible journey, especially this generation itself. Never in a million years did I think Chaos would return in 2020 and max 60+. This era has been one to remember. Things we have accomplished include consistently been a top 5 CPR army throughout (even reaching 3rd once), defeating arguably the largest army (RPF) in a battle, and playing a key role in the largest war in some time. I cannot put into words on how proud I was with our performance, so here are some defining pictures of this generation.

We have reminded the army community about Chaos and proved to everybody that we will go down as a legendary army and not some random footnote in history. We made our mark and showed everybody the dominant army Chaos is. We’ve been a hub for many veterans to reconnect with one another while also welcomed many new faces aboard. Chaos isn’t your typical PG army and we don’t take stuff super seriously as opposed to our competitors. However despite that, we have proven that an army can be built and succeed with a group of friends just being themselves and having fun. This is what makes us different and, in my opinion, the best army to be in.

*Also quick note, anybody who wishes to continue their CPA career, I would advise you to join our (former) brother allies ACP. The modern ACP has a similar environment to Chaos and they will gladly welcome anybody here with open arms. That’s were I plan on finishing my career so join me if you would like to 🙂


Chaos was never defined by being an army, but for creating long-lasting friendships. This army has always been built around being a community for people to hang out and having a great experience. Every person who has ever been in this army has played an invaluable role in making Chaos one of the best communities for people to hang out on. I would have been a fool to make this post without getting the words of others, so people were asked to share their experiences about Chaos and what the army meant to them. I contacted many people within the army and outside the army. Here’s what they had to say:

Chaos Creator:

Sapper (Created Chaos in 2012)

For the millionth time I’m here again saying goodbye to y’all. From being coup’d to retiring, disappearing and now the 2nd ending, I’m back. When I was 12 creating this army. Chaos meant everything to me. Being able to log on xat and cp every day having fun with everyone. Honestly my happiest times as a middle schooler. I went through a lot of personal things during those years but being able to escape reality and go to war online surprisingly helped me a lot. Getting to connect with everyone around the cp community and just grow as a kid was one of the things I’ll never forget that you guys helped me do. Even though I feel like part of my memory has faded from cp armies I’ll never forget the friends I’ve made. We’ve been a family since 2012 we’re going to keep it like that forever and stay bringing chaos wherever we go

Chaos Legends:

Unknown (Joined Chaos in 2012, former Chaos leader)

10/10 would do it again

Orange (Joined Chaos in 2012, former Chaos leader)

I’ll be honest, when I was putting this post together, I had a very good idea about what I was gonna type up and thought that this wouldn’t be too hard. But, now I am at my desk, staring at the computer screen, struggling to put together the words I want to say. This army has provided me with so much. I first discovered Chaos back in October 2012 when I was recruited by my friend Dae. At the time, I was bouncing around armies and honestly just trying to find a place for myself to enjoy. Up until that point, I had hopped around so many armies, but I could never find a place to stick. Some armies were either too intimidating for me (I was only 11 at the time) or would die out weeks upon joining them. I had every reason that an army named “Chaos” would be the same. But, thankfully, i was wrong. I’ve met so many people here such as Sapper, Owl, Zero, Mari, Cr, Lemon, Kandy, Jon, and so many more people that I consider lifelong friends.
Chaos was different than any other army I had previously been in. Many of the people in this army were just incredible people and matched my sense of humor completely. I was making connections with so many people, something I had struggled with before finding Chaos. I remember sitting in my 6th grade classroom counting down the hours til school ends because I was excited to get back home on get on xat as soon as possible. This is not to say that every moment in Chaos was great for me however. There were definitely a lot of arguments and drama (most of it stemming from me tbh, I was a bad child 🙁 ), however the beauty in Chaos was that no matter what, we would always come back. It’s a running joke that Owl and I returned to Chaos about a million times from 2012-2016 and that’s just because every single time we would leave, there was just always that urge to come back. Every time I left, no matter how much fun I would enjoy elsewhere, I always had a feeling of wanting to come back. Chaos was honestly the only army where I could truly express myself and it was the only place where I had connected with so many people on a personal level. Chaos was a family and though on the outside many people may think we’re rude or mean, I promise that this is one of the nicest, sweetest, kindest groups of people I had ever met. We always stick up for one another here no matter what because we are a family.  After summer 2016, I found myself rarely coming on xat or discord. There’s so many reasons I can say why I completely cut out armies from life, but none of them are good. I’ve honestly felt so bad for the longest time so I hope I’ve made up for it these past few months. I’ve made so many memories here and I can’t wait to make so many more. I love you guys so much <3.

Owl (Joined Chaos in 2012, former Chaos leader)

I’m going to be honest – this is my third time writing this. First I was too cheesy, then I made a list of things I learned, and now I’m here doing a word vomit. So, let’s do this (again). What does Chaos mean to me? Simply put, Chaos to me is family. We’ve had beef with each other and we’ve banished one another and we’ve said some terrible things to one another. But at the end of the day we all came back. The amount of people now in Chaos that were once shunned out is ridiculous (myself included in that list). But because we’re family, we always forgave and moved on. I found this army at a low point in my life and quickly gained friendships with this oddball group of people. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for my experiences here. My memories of this place are filled with sleepless nights to have an AUS division, helping people with their math homework, dramatically writing yet another retirement post, and of course the endless times I laughed until my stomach hurt. I look back at all of this and think to myself, “How tf does a Club Penguin army mean this much to me?” But yknow what, that’s okay. Because this stupid little Club Penguin army helped me find some of the most important people in my life. And that makes it all worth it.

I want to close off by reminding whoever reads this that you will always have a place in Chaos. If you’re ever in need of a friend or even just feeling nostalgic, you know where to find us. (Or at least, know where to find me. I’m hard to get rid of

Dom (Joined Chaos in 2012, former Chaos leader)

I first discovered Chaos in late 2012 and the community that I’ve found here, still largely made up of the same people has been nothing short of amazing. The friendships I’ve made in chaos have stood the test of time, and while other original CP armies have died out, chaos has managed to live on as a group of friends. What’s also been great is that I’ve been able to make friends with people who are quite different to me, and people I wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for Chaos. I was always one of the only UK members of Chaos, and I was able to meet loads of great people from the USA who I got along well with. Being connected with people who live so far away from me and live very different lives is something I’ll always appreciate, and I hope to keep in contact with the friends I’ve made here for life.

Gator (Joined Chaos in 2013, former Chaos leader)

Well I joined back in April of 2013 with people just yelling at each other in the chat. It was chaos. But my time in Chaos from 2013-2015 will always be an experience I’ll never forget. As much as I was a horrible leader, I still was mentored by the superior legends: Sapper, Owl, and Orange. They’re the reason I was an ok owner. They really made it feel like a family. Every other army I had been in seemed super strict but Chaos has this sense of freedom about it, no matter what rank you were. I’ll never forget the moments of just hanging out on xat and seeing troops from other armies just chillin out. I know I haven’t been on much for the 2020 short lived return, but I have clearly seen how amazing it turned out. The leaders have the knowledge on what makes a good army: creating a family.

Flame (Joined Chaos in 2014, former Chaos leader)

I started in Chaos in 2014 after chilling in the chat. I forget what exactly i was doing at the time but I joined after chilling and enjoying who was here and stuff I remember when me and Owl beat LT after getting a size that was i believe in the 30s. I dont recall now since it was years ago I enjoyed Chaos and it was pretty funny to get couped after i essentially wanted to get the army into shape like a drill sergeant but instead being booted with Sapper

Wyoskyguy/Zero (Joined Chaos in 2014, former Chaos leader)

*Zero also created another post which can be viewed HERE
Prior to joining Chaos in 2013/2014, I jumped around a lot. I enjoyed building new armies from scratch and then getting bored and hopping again. I did this for several years until I joined Chaos, and even the first time I did that, I still left it the first couple times. However, in 2014 I got brought in with leader in the Chaos 2014 Initiative alongside Sapper, Flame, Orange, and Owl and ever since then, Chaos felt like the closest thing I had to a home. Over the years, I’ve felt like I’ve made a bigger impact in Chaos than any other army I’ve ever lead, and more importantly, I’ve made better and longer lasting friends. I remember couping Sapper at least once, couping Nav, bitching out Bluesockwa1 over Sapper (because Sapper said that the second generation wasn’t legit …), arguing with Orange over stupid shit :wary:, and just overall having a relatively good time. And even though I got kind of wrapped up into coming back to Chaos this most recent time, and I might not have enjoyed the Club Penguin aspect as much as everyone else – I’ve enjoyed being part of a community again and actually having friends that I can trust and rely on to be there for me.

123go12 (Joined Chaos in 2014, former Chaos leader)

To be honest, I can’t remember much from back then. But, if I were to think about how Chaos has affected me, it would be my overall self in a way. The most memorable thing that comes to mind is the music CR (iirc, might’ve been Flame) played before the battles and stuff, like Iron Maiden. Now I listen to that stuff all the time. Also, Chaos was my first instance of having true “online friends.” I wouldn’t trade anything to lose a single one of the friends I’ve made. Here’s to more years to come.

Chaos HOFers:

32op (Joined Chaos in 2012, former Leader)

Wow, it’s been almost 8 years since that one summer night where a guy by the name of Sapper messaged me and told me all about his new army. Thinking back at it, I never expected Chaos to be nearly as this big and have such an impact on so many people. I still remember maxing 4 at our first event and waking up Sunday morning to see the army that I joined a few nights ago make it to the 13th spot on SMAC. I’ve made so many memories here, from all the times Sapper couped my 8 year old ass to coming back and leading Chaos back into CPAC, its been amazing. I never would have imagined Chaos getting this far but I’m glad it did. Even though I’ve always had my interest in my other army, Chaos is still my home and I’m really glad so many people enjoyed the army that my noobish 8 year old ass got excited over by maxing 6. It’s been a great journey fam. Love yall, fam forever.

Oreo (Joined Chaos in 2012, former 3ic)

I joined Chaos back in 2013. It was a time in life where I didn’t really have friends. I moved to a new school and was pretty down most of the time. Chaos was a really great way to get away from all that sadness I felt in real life. We were a fairly new and small army again. I remember how exciting it was to start getting recognized in the community. The people in Chaos were some of my closest friends. We were all pretty close in age and constantly complained about school and homework. I wasn’t much of a talker then and I’m still not. But even though I wasn’t joining in on the main conversation, I was always privately chatting with one of my friends. But the main chat was hilarious. I remember late nights just laughing at everything being said. I was so excited that Owl found me and invited me back. I wish I could be more active but my job keeps me so busy

Glitch (Joined Chaos in 2013, former Chaos Leader)

“I count myself in nothing else so happy as a in a soul remembering my good friends.”

-William Shakespeare

The good ol’ year of 2012. Hell of year; especially for a certain starry-eyed eight year old who played a lot of Club Penguin. (That’s me!)
For years, I had heard the stories of ‘armies’ on Club Penguin. The fantastical battles between UMA, ACP, RPF, etc. with sizes that were so amazing that it could be compared to the works of bots.
Then one day, I was enlisted into the Chaos Army of Club Penguin. As a young boy, it was pretty cool to a ‘soldier’ in an ‘army.’ Of course, it was all fictional; but think about how cool it sounds when you’re eight!
However, as a child with unsupervised access to the internet; I was obviously warned that talking to strangers on the internet was no laughing matter. The internet is a shady place, after all.
With that knowledge, for my entire career in CPA, I made everybody I knew think that I was near the same age as them. I didn’t want to be ‘shunned’ because I wasn’t as old or wise as anyone else.
Although the internet is a shady place; every shade is caused by a light. Even though I was surrounded by those who are older, even though they may not have been the best of people to look up to, the community that is Chaos
Army were filled with many, many bright people. From late 2012 and onward, I no longer thought of Chaos as my ‘comrades in battle,’ but as a second family of sorts. Of course the main focus of the community was to ‘battle’
in Club Penguin, but later I found myself to care less and less about ranks and battle tactics; I cared more for the friends that i’ve made on the long journey. With me being at a young age, the people from this ‘army’
practically raised me. I learned so much from these people, most things i’ve learned being quips and jokes. Of course, though, sometimes life gets in the way of things. As 2014 marched on, I tried to visit Chaos as frequently
as I could, helping out whenever I could; but life prevented me from contributing. Even though I disappeared from Chaos, not a day passed by where I didn’t think of the goofballs I held so dearly to my heart. When I heard
that the Chaos Army had died in 2015, I was left heartbroken. The day I found out, I logged onto for the first time in a long time only to see it abandoned. For years onward, I told everyone I knew
about my adventures as a trooper in the great Chaos Army. I never made the battles a focal point of it all; I always emphasized the friendships I made with the ‘older, cooler kids.’
Now, I’ve grown up. I’m sixteen years old; an age a lot of people were when they were in Chaos Army, and a different boy from nearly eight years ago.
The time i’ve had in this new ‘Team Chaos’ is probably the happiest i’ve ever been.

Chaos Army molded me into who I am today, and likely for the rest of my life. Without Chaos, I would have never met so many people and never learned so much. The memories i’ve gained from this entire CPA experience are
still memories I look back on. Every battle tactic, every private message, every LOL Page submission, and every friend I made–are memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. Though now everything Club Penguin related is
going away; The flaming light I saw in Chaos Army still burns bright in Team Chaos. We made this flame when we were young; I know we will keep this flame burning for as long as we can; not fighting as an army, but through the memories
that we have made, and the ones we have yet to make.
Wherever we are, whatever we feel–it’ll burn in our minds like a flame.
It may be the end of Team Chaos as a Club Penguin Army, that doesn’t mean it’ll be the end of Chaos as a community.
Online friendships may be something that’s discouraged, but Chaos has been some of the best friends i’ve had.
Chaos Forever, Chaos Eternally.
Thanks for the many years, Chaos!

Mari (Joined Chaos in 2012, former Chaos 3ic)

Without Chaos, I don’t think I would’ve become the person I am today. I joined Chaos when I was a really lonely kid in middle school. I didn’t really have friends, and I was really troubled with self harm and depressing thoughts. Having the Chaos community helped me find friends, mentors, who made me feel loved and important. People like Owl and Lemonade were always there for me. They were my bigger sisters, they still are. CR, Glitch, and Orange all made me laugh. Looking back at our memories on Xat make me smile, it was such a simpler time. I started Club Penguin armies when I was in 5th grade, when I was around eleven. My first army was IW, and as much love I have for them too, Chaos soon become my family. I have never regretted joining Chaos, I’ve met some of the most loving, funny people here. There really is nothing else like the friendships I’ve made here. You all were with me in my darkest times, and helped me blossom into who I am today. I remember typing the duck song and messing up (very badly messing up), I remember the tinychat convos, I remember staying up late and having my parents upset with me, but it didn’t matter, because it was for Chaos. There really isn’t anything that can replace this community, and even though we close this chapter, there is no doubt in my mind that we will continue to be a community: with or without Club Penguin.

Lemonade (Joined Chaos in 2012, former Chaos 3ic)

*Note: Lemon’s part was incredibly long (7104 words), so I provided a cut down version of it. If you want to view the entire message, click here. It’s highly recommended that you read the pdf first!
To some, Chaos is just another Club Penguin army in the vast expansion of armies that
exist and are continuing to be created (speaking of: Join Citrus Army). To some, Chaos is
considered the worst army to exist and there’s an unruly, unnecessary, and reason-less hate.
To others, Chaos is one of the greatest armies to exist. Not because of their sizes, because of
the camaraderie that exists among everyone in this army. To me, Chaos is another home.
Growing up, I spent a ridiculous amount of time on Xat, Club Penguin, and in the Club Penguin
army community. Despite this, I never thought that I would gain another family from these
activities. Little did I know that these weirdos would become some of the best people that I
would ever meet.
I joined Chaos in 2013. I joined at one of the most difficult times of my life. The
2014-2015 school year was rough for me. I was in 8th grade and my grandmother, who lived in
Mexico City, got extremely sick and was hospitalized. Because of this, my mother would travel
from our town in Arizona to Mexico City for extended periods of time, leaving behind me, my
father, and my sister (who you all may know as Kandy or Mel). My father was a construction
worker working an hour and a half away. With everything that I was doing to keep busy, I only
saw him in the evenings and on the weekends. If I was home, I was likely on the Chaos Xat or
on TinyChat with some of the Chaos folks. I would play MineCraft with Chainpro (Chain, if you
ever see this, I hope you’re doing alright. Thank you for being a part of my Chaos experience).
on Xbox360. The BoyCutCrew #2k(??) chat that I was in with Mari, Owl, and Kandy was thriving
(BoyCutCrew #2k20!!!). Because my mother was gone and my father was beginning his journey
into alcoholism, we didn’t have an actual Christmas and New Years Eve dinner. We would go to
eat at Applebee’s and call it a day. While my dad would go drink his rum and Coke Zero
mixture, I would vibe on TinyChat with the Chaos OG’s, getting hyper off of a soda with no
sugar. Owl would vibe with her weird face-filters, always whispering if she even spoke. CR was
always hyper, nothing has changed (he is a lowkey crackhead). Different Chaos people filtering
in and out of the video calls. CR and Owl put up with a lot of my trashy, emo guitar playing (I
was very into My Chemical Romance at the time and I had just gotten a , yikes), they deserve all
of the respect. It wasn’t a great holiday season for me. Ever since 2014, I stopped celebrating
my birthday and the holiday season became of less-importance to me. These late night
TinyChat calls and Xat conversations made the days a bit better. To this day, I look forward to
holidays as a way to spend more time with both of my families. In the year 2015, my
grandmother passed away from cancer and other complications. This was about when I started
to disappear from the Club Penguin army scene but the memories that I had made stayed with
me. I would pop in and out here and there as a way to say “hey” but things change. Y’all know
how it is.
The moral of the previous paragraph is that you guys made everything easier. Chaos
was a second home that I could go to while the apartment I lived in was going through a difficult
time. I might be a hard ass now with my supposedly “intimidating” vibe but I was a depressed
n00b back then. While what I went through may not be viewed as something so difficult, it was
something that completely changed my outlook on life. Some of these members helped me
cope with anything that I was going through. All of this from a Club Penguin army? I never
thought that would happen either.
In Chaos, I learned what it meant to be a leader. As cheesy as this may sound, I was
even able to implement some of the things that I had learned in Chaos into reality. Being a
leader in band during high school, I was able to implement one of the most important things that
I had learned from Chaos: While anyone can be a leader, few can be a leader and a friend.
Sure, being the supposed intimidating person I am probably helped out. Being someone that
these kids could always go to, a friend, even after I graduated and after a ton of “band drama”
went down, helped to create a bond with these kids that I had never had with any of the
previous band leaders. I learned this from the Chaos leaders. I learned this from my friends in
Chaos who weren’t even official leaders. I learned more about myself through Chaos than
anything else. I learned more about love and friendship here than I did with some of my life-long
friends from school. I don’t care if that makes me look like a loser because it’s the truth. Chaos
helped shape me into who I am, even when I took a break away from Club Penguin armies for a
Owlita, I am so proud of you for getting through everything that you have gone through these last few years. I’m so proud of you for graduating high school and graduating college. I’m sorry that you didn’t get to have a full-blown graduation due to the ‘rona but regardless, I know you are going to be the best Spanish teacher there is. It makes me ridiculously happy that you are out here doing some of the things you love and that although I am a bit late to the party, I get to experience some of these achievements with you. You were there for me at times when it felt like no one else was. You dealt with a lot of my edgy bullshit and stayed up with me on nights where everything felt like it was too much. My edgy ass self would say dumb shit like, “I stay up asking myself, ‘why?’”, only to say something like, “You wouldn’t understand rn” whenever you’d ask me, “why what?”. I still haven’t found the answer to my question but I will let you know when I do. I’d write more but I’m not saying goodbye to you, only our CP army days. I know we will continue bullying each other and seeing what else we do with the rest of our lives.Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass. I’m supposed to throw a roast out or whatever but I’m not very good at those. Your short ass probably wouldn’t even be able to read this since it’s too high up on my post for you to read. Tbh, I could explain the “why” but I forgot my English-to-Dumbass dictionary at school. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass.
Mariela, I sometimes still can’t believe you’re all grown up. A high school graduate with a job??? That’s not the little Mariela I used to know who I would joke about shipping cereal to whenever you were hungry late at night. I’m proud of you for everything you’ve done up to this point despite whatever disparities you have had to face. Keep speaking out for what you believe in, don’t let anyone silence you. Keep sending weird gifs, we all secretly love them even if some people act like they don’t. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass.I don’t know how to roast you uhhhh. Not a roast but stop spending so much money on boots, dude!! Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass
Orange, you’re a complete dumbass but you’re almost an exact copy of me. Engineer squad. SInce you aren’t reading these beforehand, I’m gonna expose an awkward side of you. I expect this to be in the post or I’m gonna beat your ass. You dm’ed me on Instagram June 15th, 2019 around 10 pm at night after not having talked to me in a long while and said, “This could be very awkward bc you might not remember who I am BUT WHATS UPPP” before trying to get me to guess who you were because your name was familiar. TO that, you said, “Think fruit”. Now we’re both going to expensive schools suffering through the same engineering classes because we’re nerds. You were one of my bros back in the day and still are. I can’t wait to see where we go with our schooling and with the Citrus Army. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass. I exposed the DM, I don’t think I should add another roast. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass. BEST OF THE ZEST.
CR, you’re the biggest (and only) clown I’ve ever met but you’re my favourite clown. I remember our anime rants about Death Note and Attack on Titan back in the day to crazy TinyChat calls (BRING BACK THE ATTACK ON TITAN FANFIC YOU WROTE). We used to vibe like no one else because we were into some of the weirdest things. I’m glad we’ve been able to kind of stay in touch over the years through Instagram. I can’t wait to see where our new friendship goes with our shitty memes and our attempts at getting fit this summer. I’m also waiting for my diss track, bro. Drop it. Next time you call me a clown though, you’re getting hit with the, “What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.” Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass.
Marcus, dude, I have only a vague memory of you from back in the day but I know we were tight then. I’m glad we’ve been able to build a friendship (or at least one that I remember). Turns out we’re on the same wavelengths with the amount of things we have in common. Angel and I are still waiting on that virtual double date thoooo. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass.
Gator, you are my favourite reptile. I miss you though. I appreciate the few times you pop up here and there in the chat. Hope you’re doing good though.  You should come vibe and join the Circus Rebellion. We have a cool welcome, “Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass.” Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass. Imagine spending your gfx career editing Disney penguins. We welcome you with our arms open to the Clown Rebellion. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass
Kandy, do you remember when I was tiny chatting with some IW og’s and your dumbass fell off of the top bunk bed where everybody could see? There was just a pink blur falling from the top of my screen. Lil beetch. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass.
San, I know we just met like a month ago but you’re pretty sick ngl. I love learning about computer games and computer stuff from you even though I’m a total n00b at stuff like that. You’re a bad bitch and I can’t wait to keep learning and growing our friendship. Btw, Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass.
Subs, I also just barely met you but you’re also p cool! I can’t wait to see where you go with your art and all the new mediums you might try it. Art journeys are some of the best journeys. I can’t wait to continue growing our friendship through the new Chaos. Remember, Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass. I also don’t know enough about you to roast. Uhhhhhh. If you could be an actual sub, you’d just be bread and a single slice of cheese, not toasted. I really don’t know what to say lmao. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass.
Angel, I love you. That is all. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass. I was gonna throw a roast but you said no. Clown. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass.
Sapper, thanks for making such a badass army. You’re a real one.
Glitch, you’re p sick. You better keep that stormtrooper helmet nice and polished or I’m gonna beat your ass. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass. 
Antonio, we never talked but you’re pretty badass. That might be biased because we’re both in Assassin’s Creed. We should talk about AC sometime though. 
Slider, I also barely know you but I appreciate your honesty and your jokes were A1. 
Jon, we should have a jam session sometime. I appreciate your roasts that one night on VC the other day with Orange, CR, and I. 
123, Citrus Army for life, homie. But fr, I’m glad I’ve gotten to know you over time and hopefully we can do some dope shit in CA. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass.
Frederick, you were always so helpful.  Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass.
Frederick the Second, you were always so helpful.  Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass.
Frederick the Third, you were always so helpful.  Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass.
Frederick the Fourth, you were always so helpful.  Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass.
Frederick the Fifth, you were always so helpful.  Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass.
Frederick the Sixth, you were always so helpful.  Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass.
Frederick the Seventh, you were always so helpful.  Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass.
Super, I don’t know you but thanks for the sweet speech and for CPATG as a whole.
Flame, you’re a legend homie.
Stephen, I love all of your icons. Keep going forward with what you got and don’t be afraid to keep changing your avatars (Marcus is just jealous).
Parker, keep making music. I’m waiting for you to drop some stuff on Spotify so I can jam out to your stuff more easily.
Nikki, life is tough but as cheesy as it sounds, it does eventually get better in one way or another. Take some of the hardships you’ve faced and turn them into something beautiful. Don’t give up.
111note, I don’t know much about you either but thanks for vibing with us.
Bart, you’re sick. Thanks for the Barbz army and all of your roasts against those Uglies of CP. They were top-notch.
Princeb, you were p cool. Loved vibing with you.
Antman, your bugs were kind of gay, ngl. I appreciated them though. Your tactics were top-notch.
Ayan, I don’t know you but I was told to come up with a roast. I’ll roast you when I get your parent’s permission.
Bounce, you’re dope.
Carlos, you’re also sick.
Cubster, you’re a badass. Citrus Army gang. 
Same goes for you too, Dink.
FatChicken, I love the user. Glad you could join us.
Giga, thanks for vibing.
Henry_VI, you’re a cool homie.
Hidcre, bless your soul.
Jack, bless up.
Kaywoo, thanks for hanging with us.
King Mondo, you’re a real one.
Same goes for you too, Sanya. Loved your vibe.
Will-Sander, thanks for hanging with us.
Pheo, thanks for joining us!
Zambi, we appreciate you so much.
Ashley, Zuko is p hot, isn’t he? Can’t wait to talk some more Avatar/Legend of Korra with you. 
Equipy, our streamer. How I wish you would have stayed with us longer. We still support you though. Get that streamer dough.  Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass. Welcome to Clown Rebellion (or CR for short!) Tired of always being clowned on? Well here we embrace our clownitidy and kick ass.
If you’re still here reading, congratulations. DM me and I will DM you a spam of the
Clown Rebellion welcome for two minutes straight. In all seriousness, I am really appreciative of
everyone that I have met throughout the years. I know that there are some new people that I
just met who I did not mention or you were offline when I was going through the list. You guys
are all still very important to me and I will forever appreciate each and every one of the qualities
that you brought to the Chaos family. I have learned many new things from all of you. I’m not
gonna lie and say, “I won’t ever forget y’all” because I deadass forgot who Marcus was and
apparently we used to be tight back in the day but I will appreciate the memories we made
together for as long as I can.
The revival of Chaos brought upon a new era in my life for me. While COVID-19 is horrid
and we wish all of those affected the absolute best, I am grateful for the way it brought me close
to my second family once again. It has created new family members and strong new
friendships. The Chaos Army of Club Penguin may be over but it is not something to mourn.
Instead, we should view this ending as a welcoming of a new era. An era of growth as we move
forward in our lives at a time where we are all struggling with the happenings of the world. From
here on out, there is only growth.
Always remember,

Kandy (Joined Chaos in 2013, former Chaos 4ic)

Ok so, damn Chaos goes waaaay back yall. I joined in 2013 and even though i was only there for like, a month or two it made such a huge impact on my life. I made so many friends from the Xat chat, I rememeber being in elementary school and just waiting to go home and log onto Xat hoping that my friends would be online and talk to them, like Owl, Mari,Epicface, Sam (or if it was Orange, bully the shit outta him……for….. reasons.). Chaos is what showed me what its like to have online friends and that people online can care about you just as much as friends irl. And especially since we all got back together this year, that’s how you know that we’re just like a big online family that stuck together in the end. Even though yall are straight crackheads i still love every single one of you losers and I’m so glad to have seen everyone and relived the memories of club penguin armies and.. even all the drama that came with it, as its always been. I even got closer to some people that i wasn’t super close with back then, and I’m so glad to have met all these great people here. My 10 year old self would have never thought that we’d all meet up again as grown asses in 7 years, and I dont regret a single moment of it. Chaos will always be a key memory in my life, whether it was from 2013 or 2020. Thank you to everyone who got us all back together, this was like the greatest thing to have come out of quarantine.

Cr (Joined Chaos in 2014, former Chaos Leader)

My chaos experience was an absolute amazing one. Some of the best people I’ve ever met were found here. You guys are literally family to me. (Btw if ur reading this you lost the game! Hahaha)
Epicface, you were how I discovered this amazing community. I’m so grateful we became friends and of all of the memories we’ve made on there, and in our pokemon Xat! I’m so happy to see you back here in this community and I can’t wait to make some more memories with you! 
Owl, you are literally like my favorite person in the whole wide freaking world. You have done so much for me and have always been there by my side every step of the way. I love all of the moments we’ve had together on xat, tinychat, instagram live, discord, and god so many more. You are my best friend and you always will be. I love all of our inside jokes we have and everything. You are one of the greatest people I’ve ever met and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. You are my favorite leader no cap.  I love ya so so much, and I can’t wait to make some more memories!!! <3
Mari, me and you are literally the same person like we act the same, and we literally be thinking the same shit. Like IDK how that’s possible BUT IT IS LOL. You’re one of my best friends and I’m so grateful to have met you all the way back in 2014 (WOW LONG TIME AGO!). I feel like after this time of being in Chaos, we became closer friends and I’m so happy about that. I love it when we play hide and seek on club penguin together with Orange and the gang. You’re so funny and high energy and I’m so happy we’re all back together again!!! Thank you so much for everything, and I can’t wait to make more memories too!
Steph, seriously what is there to say except you’re literally a koala? OOOH ROASTED! JS MY DISS TRACK IS STILL BEING WORKED ON SO BE PREPARED FOR IT! Anyways, we’ve gotten soooo much closer over the years and it feels freaking awesome. You’re funny as fuck and your memes are hilarious and I’m so happy were back together again. I love how we are constantly sending tiktoks to each other, and instagram memes, and talking bout Gary the Gadget Guy’s thicc ass CAKE. I MEAN DAMN LOOK Can’t believe I lost a bet and you made me make that attack on titan story LMAO! funny ass times I swear. Love ya! 

Orange, you’re a clown but I love you man. We’ve definitely for sure gotten much closer this time around. Actually, during this era, this is the first time I ever heard your voice. It’s kinda crazy to think about haha. I’m so happy that we got much closer and bro you’re like a brother fr fr. Can’t wait to get to know you more and become even closer man! 

Stephen, you’ve always been there for me and have been my side for alot of stuff. And I’m grateful for it. You’re such a genuine and nice person. You’re funny, and you always bring interesting topics to discuss about. I’ve always enjoyed having discussions with you and talking to you about even the most random shit. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything man. 
Jon!!!!! By far one of the funniest people I ever met. Your laugh is absolutely iconic. The time when me, orange, and mari tricked you in hide and seek by going to our igloos was one of the funniest moments ever. You’re such a nice guy and I’m so excited to make even more laughs in the future! P.S. XENOBLADE HYPE 
Marcus dude. I gotta say, you’re one of the best leaders Chaos has EVER had (including orange, owl, and sapper.) We are so lucky to have you be our leader and to be with us through all of this. You’re super chill and a great person to talk to when you need something. Your graphics are also super amazing like holy shit. Thanks for everything man.. And most of all, thank you so much for bringing this absolutely amazing community back together again. Words cannot describe how happy I am that you made it happen. 
Sapper, If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have this awesome community to begin with. If it wasn’t for you, we really wouldn’t have been as close with each other. Or possibly not have even met in the first place! I’m so glad you made this army as it is by far the BEST community I have EVER been a part of. 
San!! I just met you quite recently (although the past 2 months has felt like a year!). But we’ve become really good friends in such a short amount of time! I think you’re so freaking chill and funny and it’s so much fun playing games with you and subster! I can’t wait for us to get to know one another more and become even better friends!!! You’ve made this whole era of Chaos so much fun! 
Mel you’re super funny as heck and so talented with your drawing! Your “buttering biscuits” tactic is absolutely iconic too!! 
My boy Mondo, you’re my favorite person in ACP and you’re funny asf. You’re a real bro, dude. 
Subster, it’s so much fun playing w101 with you and san! And I’m so happy that you host the movie nights. They’re always so much fun. You’re also a wonderful drawer as well!!!
Bart, bro i gotta really thank you for creating barbz and you’re super funny asf!! That night when we all sat and discussed the fruit and vegetable tier list was one of the funniest nights I’ve had in awhile! I’m so happy we’ve met and I can’t wait to become better friends!!
I would also like to shoutout, Antman, Glitch, Stormblade, 123go, Dom, Nav, Lily, Gator, Hiku, Jester, 111note and EVERYONE in Chaos! All of you guys in Chaos are literal crackheads and I love you all so much. 
You guys made cpa one of the best online experiences of my life. Everyone was always so much fun to be around and to talk to and it felt like I was never alone. I really wouldn’t be the person I am today without all of you guys and I appreciate each and every one of you. You were always there for me when I felt down and I really can’t thank you guys enough. I always saw this community as an escape. But I also think it’s more than that. It just feels like home here being with you all. I had started in 2014 but I would come on the xat to chill before that. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but it’s something I would never wanna go back and change my mind on. Some of my best memories may have been beating big armies in tournaments, but the most memorable ones are the times I spent talking with all of you. The late nights on voice chat or tinychat or just texting are times I will always cherish!! As we move on from this point in our lives, I just wanna thank everyone for such an amazing experience! However, just cuz club penguin is ending doesn’t mean chaos is. This is only the beginning for us. And I look forward to making more memories with you all! Once again love you all!!!

Klinkguin (Joined Chaos in 2013, former Chaos UK Leader)

It might have even been 2012 my memory is awful. my chaos experience then, how can I put it. most rewarding army I’ve been a part of? for sure the most friendly people to talk to, I remember when we’d have events though and they’d always clash with when my food was ready lmao. nah it was awesome to be a part of, my memory doesn’t really do justice here because um, I have bad memory. I remember spending hours just talking to people on xat, and then when I wasn’t doing that I was looking into ways I could help like installing lightshot to give people screenshots for the posts after the events.

Cubster (Joined Chaos in 2013, former Chaos 2ic)

Its sad to see Chaos closing its door once more. I guess good things must come to an end at some point. My time in CPA was quite short, but god did it feel like forever being in Chaos. From the people, the banter we did in chat, fun memories and fucking around in events, the friendship that I’ve built through Chaos, I’ll never forget all of them. No army felt as good as Chaos. Every army in the community claims to say that they’re a family, but it feels like Chaos is one of the few that stands true to its words. I guess there was a bright side of covid happening, a big shoutout to owl and the others for bringing back all the fams! It was good to see some old faces I haven’t seen in 6 years of absence from CPA. I can’t wait for whats to come within our online community, it’s been a hell of a ride and now is the right time to move on from our childhood (Still got some gas left with Orange in ACP tho). A very big shoutout to Owlcity207 for posting on the Chaos website in February. If she hadn’t posted it, I’d be long gone:’(
Now for some shoutouts to the people that made this journey hella litty:
– Orange
– Owl
– Marcus/Wyo
– Color50
– Ash
– Sapper
– Everyone who’s ever been in Chaos, you’re all cool <3
Royale Penguins – Cheedu1 – Where’d you go bud 🙁
– King Mondo
– Earthing
– Brainiac22 – where’d you go bud 🙁
– Zing King To
– Tobercold
– Ravenpaw
– Sonic
– Bryanbo
– Antonio960
– Subster <3
– Frozen Zuke ACP (2014)
– Katerina Qt
– Rix
– Mrtchy
ACP (now)
– 2funky3
– Max43800
– Mchappy
– Kailey moustache
– Zelly
– Brad
– Doggorage <3
– Meerrkat
– Robot
– Cheko
– Aeropos

Hiku (Joined Chaos in 2014, former Chaos Leader)

I joined Chaos in late 2014 as my first dip in the pool that was CP Armies. My overall experience was full of ups and downs as I slowly climbed from a nameless to a potentially recognizable name in the community, as I had made quite a few online friends in the Army despite spreading abroad. After the main game’s fall in 2017, I effectively went off the radar, not expecting to ever come into contact with any of them again. The fact that I was messaged from Owl on my e-mail (the first time anyone I knew online did such a thing) actually meant something to me in that I meant something to them, and I believe that’s what counts when it comes to making online friends. Today, I have other priorities in mind, but I do try to drop by when I can and have a little fun, if I can.

Son Nav (Joined Chaos in 2014, former Chaos Leader)

Chaos meant the absolute world to me. It was so therapeutic and fun, befriending all these lovely humans (Owl, Cr, etc.). I’ll never forget sitting on my computer at 5:00 AM on a school day, in a rough time of my childhood, talking to Owl on the XAT chat… being apart of Chaos embodies a particular time period when life was easier. I yearn for it and I’ll never forget it. All the battles, all the jokes, all the events and all the friends. It was something that I’ll never get to experience again but I’m glad that I did. It’s unfortunate that this new generation of kids won’t have that. Chaos — and Club Penguin — forever.

Jon (Joined Chaos in 2014, former Chaos Leader)

so chaos was a huge part of my army career and it was around the time that i was figuring out the kind of person i wanted to be that i was in this army. everyone in this army helped me shape out to be the person i am today believe it or not, all of the criticism, to all of the love, personally i love this army and i love many of the people in it. i am so so grateful to even be a part of this army and now community filled with such amazing people and kind souls. i wish the best to everyone involved with this army no matter who you are and i hope everyone in this army leads an amazing life and i especially wish the best to the people i consider to be closest to within this army, orange, marcus, owl, cr, flame, sapper(even if it was for a short while we actually talked and played bo2 on xbox lmao) and to the people i just recently met and have to pleasure to call my friends, mari, and last but definitely not least, sub. I love all of you so much and I can’t wait to see what the chaos community becomes in the future i will forever support everyone in here no matter what it is you decide to do, as long as its not involving any crime or being a scumbag of any sort lmao. i love you chaos, and i cant wait to see where this community goes.

Delirious  (Joined Chaos in 2015, former Allied Leader)

Well, when it came to Chaos, it was always really special to me. Like with SR yes i did lead that army for ages and that was my home but like at that point in my life i was very introverted and didn’t go out much so to me everyone in chaos was like family and just like my real life friends that i didn’t have at that time. Personally i feel as though CPA changed and grew me as a person but for the most part Chaos was my safe place where at the end of a stressful day when i had a lot going on i could just get on Xat and let off steam by talking to people that i could genuinely talk to and i trusted. i loved every moment when i was with chaos and the people in the army at that time showed me love like nothing i had experienced up until that point in my life and i truly never will forget how kind and respectful all of you were, even to a little 12 year old child like i was then the amount of respect and love i was shown was unparalleled. and now as i look back fondly, i will say chaos got me through hard times and i will never forget those who helped me and were friendly to me. Thank you so much Chaos and you’ll always have a place in my heart. Always.

Jester (Joined Chaos in 2016, former Chaos Leader)

Alright chaos people, what did i take from chaos and what did chaos take from me?
I can answer only one part of that and you guys can help me with the rest.
I don’t want to get all sentimental but i definitely feel a great bit of sadness that i let myself succumb to the temptation of betrayal in 2016, those who i thought we’re my friends turned out to be much more different than what i thought. And father time knows all, you cannot stop time, time will keep going and you will get old and regrets come along with it, thats life.. and its ok to mess up sometimes, but you don’t get that second chance to make it right in certain scenarios but i did in a unsuspecting coincidental way when i typed at random on a discord at like 8 in the morning.. how specific isn’t it? I could have been doing anything else, but all it took was that to make a 4 year regret be paid in…friendship? Thats all really in thanks to wyo & owl for bringing me in and btw what the fuck were you two doing up that early?
Yup friendship, i consider Chaos to be unique, not many people in CPA can share their lives with each-other and have that same mutual level of trust because there are some people that can’t adhere to the pact of just being…decent human beings and having a sense of privacy, crazy right? Coming into this i felt like i was walking into enemy territory but actually…it was nothing like that, for the most part i was pretty welcome and didn’t feel left out at all so, Thank you for being the luke to my anakin.
what i hopefully gave to chaos is some guidance i guess, i know the CPA community is falling into obsolete-ness with this CPPS purge and actual club penguin going down but, hopefully you guys learned from whatever ideas i had so chaos can move on into the future as far as gaming goes as well as simultaneously building my trust again. i will end it here and the second part to that question will be for you to answer so let me know! i will always welcome yall in to shoot the shit about anything wether in main chat or dm. waddle on brahhh thanks ~ jester

Subster (Joined Chaos in 2020, former 3ic)

My chaos experience was super short but it was great, i joined chaos for this revive and ive met so many different people that ive become friends with. Chaos is like a family to me, i really love hosting movie and game night for everyone in and out of chaos, some of my favorite moments are probably just messing around on cpr and hanging out in vc. I really love this army and you guys have been there for me and keep me busy, which im grateful for. I even got to be in the chaos hall of fame, first time im on any hall of fame page ever. Even though chaos is closing i really hope to continue to have fun with everyone here. Its hard to pick just one memory that really standa out from chaos but my favorite is probably when we played cards against humanity over voice call, reading the cards out loud made it 10x funnier. I love this community alot, and ive had so much fun over these last few months. Chaos will be a big part of my life, with or without cpa. <3
Subs Part 2:
Over the last few months I’ve felt so confident and loved because of chaos. I wanna say a big thanks to owl, orange and marcus for dragging me back into cpa. Being in an army again felt really amazing because i felt like i had a reason in my life, instead of being bored at home with quarantine, i really loved working again, it just feels so natural. Although im sad about chaos closing as an army, i know we’re going to stay a great community, we dont need a CPPS to keep us connected now, we’re a big family and family sticks together. Im so glad to have met and reconnected with all of you here. There goes Chaos as an army but here comes Chaos as a family

Antonio960 (Joined Chaos in 2020, former Chaos 2ic)

Well my experience in Chaos has been very friendly and way too funny, I felt welcomed since I knew the people it consisted of were good guys and shared so many similar points of view. I did start hanging out and helping in like 2014-15 since you guys were very close allies with Golds, but officially joining this year has been great because it reminded me of the generation I led in my Golds where it wasn’t so focused on becoming a strict CP army, being able to swear and just mess around with other armies. I don’t really have any specific memories,except probably just joking around with Orange or sharing with you but I made reliable friends in Chaos/AR that it feels like a home army inside this community. If I had the chance to restart my army experience I would’ve chosen Chaos. I’m glad I came back to see OG Cpa in a chill place

Stormblade (Joined Chaos in 2020, former 4ic)

I never officially joined Chaos until about a month ago but a lot of my friends from AR and other armies went to Chaos so I always seemed to hang out there. My favorite memory so far is a joke wedding on Club Penguin turning into a whole event and post lmao

KeyNikki (Joined Chaos in 2020)

Chaos.. where to begin? I wasn’t part of it long. Only for a short month plus some. I don’t even remember if I was part of the OG Chaos, but I do know that Chaos became a part of my family. We’ve been through good times, bad times, a world war, and a modern bubonic plague. During the CPA times I’ve gotten up to the rank of Sergeant, and Chaos brought me back into the CPA community after a long 5 years of being gone. Because of Chaos, I’ve reconnected with friends I’ve known for years. I’ve made new friends. I’ve gotten over breakups and I grieved a loss of a friend who died in November. I’ve become more motivated, more happy, and more of myself than I have been in a very long time thanks to Chaos. And though Chaos will be a hangout for everyone, I’ll fight alongside our brother ally ACP in name of Chaos’s legacy that we made in the community. Here comes Chaos :eh:

Sanmiasha (Joined Chaos in 2020, former Chaos 4ic)

Although I joined Chaos rather late compared to many in the community, my experience in the last few weeks has been nothing less than wonderful. When I first joined armies in 2013 through AR, I formed a network of close friends that I still have contact with today (a few of which have also since joined the Chaos reunion this year!). This network, a while after AR as a Club Penguin army had went into retirement, eventually turned into a Discord reunion server for veterans and community legends to hang out and reminisce. Through this, I came to meet Owlcity207 while playing Terraria as a group, which turned out to be a lasting and great friendship that continues to this day. When Chaos came back for its “one last time” reunion on Club Penguin Rewritten, Owl, Supreme Leader of the Chaos Army of Club Penguin (lol), invited me into the glory that is Chaos on the beautiful fateful day of April 24th, 2020. Since that day (or rather night), I have met many amazing new friends such as CR, Orange, Steph, and many others within the Chaos community. In addition, I have rekindled and strengthened old friendships from my OG army days with people such as Mari, Nikki/Ashley, Subster, and Marcus/Zero/itsZeroday/Aurelius/Wyoskyguy/the one person who lives in Nebraska. So far, even just in the limited time I have been a part of this community, I have made great memories including fun late-night Zoom calls playing Club Penguin and singing along to 2000s hits well into the night, watching great movies as a part of Chaos movie night, and even playing other games such as Transformice and Wizard101 during Chaos game nights. Even though Chaos as a Club Penguin army is now coming to a close, I greatly look forward to continuing to make lasting memories with these amazing and kind people I have met during my time as a troop. HERE COMES CHAOS, NOW AND FOREVER! ~San

111Note (Joined Chaos in 2020, former Chaos 5ic)

I was recruited to Chaos by Ant when he asked me if I wanted to join an army he was helping to set up. Until I joined chaos, I had no involvement in armies since the og cp shutdown. Although I have only been with you guys for a few week, I must say you are all some of the chillest people in the community. Thank you all for making this past month and a half a blast.

Chaos Family:

Hulk (Joined Chaos in 2012, former Chaos Leader)

Hello, this is Hulk! Chaos was a beautiful army, i had the honor to exist in it when it just started in 2012; Unlike any army this one had the nicest people and they were the first to teach me how to be a good owner in an army while it is true that i have left and joined other armies Chaos was truly the one i held dear to my heart the most. Seeing Chaos evolve with time was also very special and the memories i made will never be forgotten but rather they will be cherished and adored.

Sirlord (Joined Chaos 2012, former Chaos Leader)

My experience being part of chaos and settling only for chaos as changed my game experience in general for club penguin back in the early 2010s, but returning to Chaos after a email from Sapper surely has impacted me more than I expected, it was a nostalgic feel.

Epicface (Joined Chaos in 2013, former 3ic)

I’m not sure how I want to start this off, so I’ll just start with thanking Orange, Owl, and Sky for bringing back Chaos, even if it was only for a short while. Chaos means a lot to me since I was a part of it for a real long time (despite hardly doing anything then and now xd). You guys are my friends and I really do appreciate the jokes we shared then and now. In 2012 and up until I left, Chaos was probably one of the best things that happened to me. I was able to talk to a bunch of people and make stupid jokes with them in my free time. I remember back in 2017 (2018?) Back when Chaos was already disbanded, I felt so sad because I couldn’t go back to the days where we could all just talk and fuck around on some chatroom. Seeing all of you guys talk like nothing changed is just so great that I can’t help but get slightly frustrated at myself for not being able to talk to you guys normally. I have so much more to say but I can’t think of how to say it, so I think I’ll just end it with this. Chaos means so much to me that it’s hard to explain. I want to scream at the top of my lungs how much you guys mean to me and how much you guys make me happy. I could go on for hours talking about this shit and how much you guys made me the person I am today and it STILL wouldn’t be enough. You guys seriously mean the world to me and I mean it. I really am thankful that I got to make all the friends I could make from Chaos and experience the things I did. I seriously can’t stress that enough.

Madhav (Joined Chaos in 2013, former 2ic)

Chaos was one army that trusted me right away. I used to be an intolerable 10 year old on CPA back in 2013 and remember needing a place to hangout. So I hit up my good friend Whats Up 11 and he offered me 2ic. Throughout this time, I am known for writing the 100th post on the Chaos website which read and I quote: “We need to step up our game if we want to be in CPAC or else they will keep “forgetting” us. Tomorrow, in order to beat the Parkas, we have to have 15+ on CP. You guys have to come to events like a good troop. A lot of you joined the Sun Squad, which wasn’t right. We gotta step up out game. I really do not want us to end like this and even before Unk’s retirement. I want us to grow and so do the leaders. Come on troops, let’s step up our game if we want to live or else we boil in hell…” Fun, I know. But in all honesty, I’m glad that this army was a thing and that I got to re-indulge myself into the nostalgia-filled mine which was the Chaos army. To be honest, I didn’t even remember being in this army until after reliving all of my old posts but thanks to Orange, I had fun. Thanks for all of the memories Chaos, Madhav 2

Mondo (Joined Chaos in 2013, former 3ic)

Zambi (Joined Chaos in 2014, former Mod)

Despite returning this era in an army other than Chaos, I still find this army dear to my experiences in CPA. Chaos is not an army that began my time in armies, and it was not necessarily my last one either. I’ve spent time as a moderator, but was not here long enough to be regarded as a legend or anything of that sort. However, Chaos was always an army I could turn to because of the wonderful people they nurtured there. I’ve known some Chaos people for years, and have grown to respect and befriend them since then. Out of the many armies I’ve hopped in, Chaos was one of the few where I felt instrumental in, as in I had a role. I was a low moderator who was unexperienced, yet Sapper and the other leaders gave me power over newer members, which was one of my first responsibilities I’ve had. Although now I have a strong disdain for CPA for distracting me from priorities during this time of lockdown, I’ll appreciate how my boredom changed to certain moments of joy, especially when I hung out in Chaos chat. Best of luck to everyone who has been in Chaos, people from this army were some of the best people I’ve met. Cheers!

Coolguy (Joined Chaos in 2014, former mod)

So, I joined Chaos for the first time a few years ago ( I say a few but idk how long it was, I have a guess but let’s face it, I shouldn’t be guessing :laughing: ) Before Chaos I had been in many armies so I wasn’t new to CPA but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have much to learn. No matter who you are or what you’ve done, you still have something to learn and I suppose in terms of armies, you will find this out from any army you’re in. Chaos was new, to me at least, it was at that point where I was looking for new experience but also an army that would be good for me, it’s not like I hadn’t been in any like this but it was just one of those time periods. I joined Chaos and… it was different to say the least. At first I did join but I didn’t know much about Chaos beforehand so it was basically like new. I was making my way up the ranks by doing what I do. Ofc I was attending the events but also getting a feel for the community. Chaos was a small community, by that I mean, they were close to each other, especially the leaders and they still are, despite the time that’s gone by and the changes that have been made in each person. Chaos, like any other true army, was like a family and they didn’t grow short of surprises either. I made my way up the ranks further, from being a member, stepping on each rank above it and jumping for the top. No, I never became a “Leader” (1ic) but I did get in the high commanding section. I believe I got to 3ic and as a person from a different time zone to other Chaos leaders, I believed that I could make a difference in the army. I was close to a lot of people in Chaos and made new friends along the way. However, good times can’t always last, as much as I wanted to be in Chaos and attend events, my computer, at the time, was shit to say the least. What I mean by that is, sure I could log on to CP but sometimes I couldn’t even get past the home page. Having Xat and CP open at the same time as well as other tabs was not the best idea but it had to be done; it may not have been easy on the computer but, at the time, it was getting on a bit since I had it for quite a few years and you know how computers get. Some events were at bad times for me too since Chaos leaders were in different time zones but they like to host events later in the day of their time zone, and they still do as you can tell. This also lead to my demised in Chaos, with me not being able to log on at times or the game crashing mid-event or even not being able to attend the event because of time zones…. well I got fired from my position. – My computer would go to shit at the time I was 3ic wouldn’t it, just my luck. Maybe there was some bad feelings between myself and some others but I never held a grudge because it was understandable – doesn’t mean I agreed with the actions at the time but I did understand them. I never gave up on Chaos, sure I probably wasn’t going to get where I was again but what we had there was good and if I could turn back time, I would – I would do this in many situations. I may have left Chaos but never forgot about it and still remember the people and the times.

Did I leave on bad terms, maybe but I mean, I can’t help what happened and some may have placed doubt but I never had bad feelings towards Chaos. There are many people in Chaos which I was closer to than others and kept in touch with even after leaving but as time went on I suppose I have lost them connections. One thing that I will say is that you should never willingly lose connections, stay in touch with the friends you’ve made otherwise you will regret it. Sure, if they lose touch with you then you may regret that too but hey at least you tried. Friendships are valuable, no matter your age or who you are, you have to value those in which you made because things don’t last forever. Chaos may be closing but they will will hopefully still be around and even if they are a gaming server and not an army, who cares? You should stay there because they are Chaos, you should stay for the fun times that you may have, for the friends you may make, to keep in touch with those you would like to stay in touch with. Nothing lasts forever but the least you can to is to keep these relations alive, stay connected with the friends you made because you will only regret it later.
We had great times in Chaos, as well as bad but I want to focus on the good. I briefly stated my time in Chaos to show that you should never forget about the past, the time you had, the people you met. I don’t want to forget the experience I had in Chaos and I hope that no-on reading this wants to forget their experience either. I want to thank Sapper, Owl, Zero, Orange and all of the other leaders for bringing Chaos back into the Discord era and making Chaos what it is/was both today and in the past because without Chaos, my journey in CPA wouldn’t have been the same. I would say this for many armies too because it’s true for every important army that I’ve been in. (Important = to me) My memory may not be what it used to be and hell I don’t know if we will all remember this in a few years but I hope we do and I hope we’re all still in touch and keeping connected. I can’t say all my time in Chaos was good and I don’t think anyone should because there is always a time in every part of life that something goes wrong but what I will say is that I enjoyed my time in it. Although I didn’t get the second chance in Chaos, I do hope that I made a mark on it and on the people in it because I only want the best for those I am friends with, those armies I have been in and will continue to be in and for those people who I have met and impacted along the way. The journey would not have been possible without the whole community and I am thankful for the good times. I may not be one of the people that others like to mention and thank in their messages but I still hold my head high, as all of you should. Represent yourself and what you stand for.
I would like to mention a few people I have met in Chaos, of course I don’t remember everyone but I’ll give it a go
Orange: you have been in many armies, just like myself and I’m surprised by how much you have done. I feel like I only know you from Chaos, yet you have made a surprising impact on the community which pretty much shows that you have been a big part of Chaos and you and Sapper are basically the faces of it. Without you 2, Chaos wouldn’t be the same, or even exist. We have had our ups and downs but gotta respect you man, you work hard for what you do and work hard in Chaos with the people you work with. Sapper: Well, what can I say, you’ve also been around quite a bit and you have made quite the impact too. As I said to Orange, without you, Chaos wouldn’t be the same and you have made Chaos into what it is today. You are one of the people that I have tried to stay in contact with and who I still want to keep in touch with in the future. You have made the Chaos experience what it is and you’re just a nice person overall. You even told me about the Chaos revival which was great! I wish you the best man.
CR: I think from the day we met we clicked right away, we had a lot in common, liked the same kinda things and I would like to say that we both learned a lot together in Chaos. Sure, you got where you thought you never would get, to the top, with of the leaders and I fell short on that but that didn’t and still doesn’t matter. I think we formed a bond in Chaos and I really hope to stay in contact with you too because you were one of the people that had a big effect on my Chaos experience and I can say that it definitely wouldn’t be as fun without you. #XBC – You’ll understand that lmao. I remember them days, I never did complete it but I really did and still do want to play it again tbf but life got ahead of me on that one (haha). Thanks for everything bro, you’re a great person! Definitely stay in touch bro
Owl: We’ve also had our ups and downs and I don’t think you would disagree when I say that but besides them, we both had fun in Chaos. I met you in Chaos like CR and some others, with orange and sapper +others by your side you were and are leading Chaos and have also made an impact on the Chaos experience. I think you 3 really do make sure members get that “chaotic” experience with the joke posts and by doing things other leaders may not even do. You 3 added some fun into Chaos. Well, like CR we both hit it off and formed that friendship back in the day, the old days were the good days and I have said this a lot but the Chaos experience would’ve been a lot different without you. Again, there were ups and downs but I hope to keep in touch with you. We had fun back in the day and I remember that too.
Flame: I’ve been with you in other armies and you were even in UCCP if I remember correctly, you were a true one, one that you couldn’t go wrong with. I respect you and UCCP will always hold a place within me so it’s natural that you would too, it was long ago but we had a good time there. This is about Chaos, I know, don’t shoot me, lemme get back on topic. I was honestly surprised to see you in Chaos, you were an unexpected element of it but this made the experience even better, going into an army with people you’d already made connections with is great and you also played a part in my Chaos experience and my overall CPA experience which I will not forget. We may not have kept in touch much but I’d like to :), just dm me dude, they’re always open

Pein (Joined Chaos in 2015, former mod)

I joined armies back in 2015 when i didn’t really have that many friends in the beginning of high school. I started off in Dark Warriors and made my way to Chaos a couple months later. I made friends in DW, but not compared to the lifelong friends ive made in Chaos. Not only were we an army, we became a big family. And its weird because we all cliqued so perfectly. And yes, we were young, sometimes we argued, sometimes we couldn’t stand each other. But we always had each others backs when it came to other armies/people trying to mess with us. I love you guys, I hope we have many more years of friendship ahead of us, and I hope we can share more laughs and great memories with each other.
Poggers! – Pein ; Peinakasukileader

Peep (Joined Chaos in 2016, former leader)

Chaos has been an amazing experience I’m glad to have been part of. During my time in CPA I
had few places that impacted me as much as Chaos. I was introduced through Owl, and from
there I would eventually come to join and later lead.
The bonds I formed in chaos almost 5 years ago continue to this day. Through chaos I met
people I consider close friends of mine still. The people, bonds, and lessons learned in this
community stay with me, and there have been times in my life I can say I’m genuinely grateful I
met this amazing group of people. More than a community or army, Chaos is a family.

Sharkbate (Joined Chaos in 2020)

I first joined Chaos looking for a smaller community, since I came from ACP, a bigger one. Being in Chaos was pretty fun, and I enjoyed the PB with ACP. Then we shut down. Now I am back in ACP. Short, but cool time.

Ashley (Joined Chaos in 2020)

I joined Chaos in 2013 because I was friends with Orange and Owl! I remember it always seemed like Chaos was it’s own little family, every time I went on everyone seemed to have collective inside jokes and memories and it was always a nice environment. Chaos was always wholesome and everyone was always kind to me when I came on 🙂

Polymorphing (Joined Chaos in 2020)

I had a feeling I would be in for a good time when I clicked on the “Join” button to the Chaos Discord server. Well, this turned out to be true! Chaos may not have many users in Asian and Australian timezones, meaning I interacted mostly with people who woke just as I went to bed. Even then, every active member did well in welcoming me to this already well-established community, and so I never felt lonely here. I’m thankful to our very relaxed leaders Orange, owl and Zero for planning events, and various other users for also making Chaos a fun place to be. Recent events dictate that my time with Chaos on CPR got unexpectedly cut short. Still, I look forward to whatever comes next for this amazing community; it is truly much more than an “army” on one website. Chaos guarantees that life exists outside Club Penguin!

Mega (Joined Chaos in 2020)

For me even though i joined only a few months chaos was a fun experience i got the pokemon idea and i got a few new friends

Energy (Joined Chaos in 2020)

uhm so chaos didnt affect my life too much but it was definitely important for me i joined the chaos that was in 2019 then they changed the name to mayhem, then i joined this one and it was super fun but im sad we wont be doing cp anymore but i am glad that it wont be fuly shut down

Slider (Joined Chaos in 2020, former Chaos 2ic)

What can I say? Chaos has been one last go for me in CPA and it brings about all those old nostalgic feelings I have for my childhood days in armies. I’ve done a lot, I’m happy with what I’ve achieved, but this is certainly another fulfilling page in my stint in this community. I remember so many people here from days past and its been such a great experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world. This army couldn’t have been what it was without each and every person involved, it was and is such a great thing, I’m glad it happened, and I’m so grateful for all the memories and experiences I’ve had over the years, this includes my time in Chaos. I’m proud to say I had one last go in such a great place with such great friends! I love you all, and I wish everyone all the best in the world!

Antman (Joined Chaos in 2020, overall cool dude + bad music taste)

Even though I’ve always kept my personality as sort of a troll in this army (I promise there is a semi-ordinary person behind this computer screen), I really do appreciate all of the good times. I first found myself in Chaos attending events back in 2012. I don’t think I ever officially joined Chaos through everything. However, I was always attending events and doing everything I could to keep the army alive. Around 2015 I disappeared entirely from armies. That was true until I got an email with a link to the CP Hangout discord two months ago. Within minutes of connecting to the chat, I got a PM from owl linking me to the Chaos Discord filled with old friends I haven’t seen in years. These past 1-2 months being back with the Chaos community have been fantastic. The brotherhood and sisterhood between you all rekindled, new friendships blossoming, and all the fun conversations we have every single day. Some of you know that around the time I found myself back in Chaos was during the height of a divorce between my ex-wife and I. Having Chaos chat as a place to escape reality helped me through some of my darkest times. I sincerely thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for putting up with me and unknowingly keeping my head above water. Without all of you, I don’t know where’d I’d be with my mental recovery. I would do special shoutouts, but I feel like every post is going to be filled with those. You know who you are if you made an impact on my life throughout this armies history, and I love you for all time (seriously if any of you need anything I gotchu). Remember to go through every day with as much positivity as you can, because you don’t know how much one smile can light up someone’s day. Again, I love you all so much. This memory will remain for eternity in all of our hearts. There Goes Chaos is my final goodbye, mofos :slight_smile: – Antman

Parker/Ming (Joined Chaos in 2020, overall cool dude)

i’ve known WyoSkyGuy since 2010-2011. We did graphics together for years, always bouncing ideas off of each other and trying new things. I’m not 100% when I joined Chaos, but I have designed a few things for them in the past and it was fun hanging around in there. I’ve met some pretty awesome people in Chaos, and without a doubt I can say Chaos is the most chill army chat I’ve hung out in. I joined CPA from 2010-2013 and I just did graphics after that. I never really liked attending events and I always poked fun and easily triggered CPA members, but Chaos was super laid back and none of them got butthurt at my constant prodding.

Sanya (Joined Chaos in 2020)

*Note – Sanya gets an award for being the last person to ever join Chaos! Congrats Sanya!
Hello Chaos I’m sanya! I’m from acp and I was really sadden by the news of chaos leaving the cpps community and I’m known for making jokes around chaos a lot of times and have fun since it’s in my nature to have fun and I always wanted to make people laugh and lighten up their day, though I never joined chaos I always had high respect for them since I praise them for being a really well organise army and they were able to control the quality of the army despite their quantity not being so big compared to ACP, I’ve served RPF in the past and from what I’ve noticed I would like to say chaos is one the most organised and well trained army I’ve ever seen and I really developed a respect for the chaos community like Nikki, Orange, Zero,Owl,Mari, and many more in the chaos community, The Chaos website is the best army website I’ve ever seen in the CPA community and it really surprised me the capabilities of chaos, even though I never joined chaos I always felt apart of their community and I would like to give my thanks to the amazing people of chaos Waddle On Chaos :purple_heart:

Chaos Allies + Notable Figures:

Mchappy (for ACP leader & CPA Legend)

IYou guys have shown in the short time since your recreation that you are a legendary army with real morals. ACP strongly appreciates all that you have done for the community and for our friendship and we hope to see some of you stick around. I’ll never forget your generosity and kindness when so few armies have shown that themselves. CHAOS CHAOS CHAOS CHAOS CHAOS

Csy (ACP Leader)

I met Orange in Water Ninjas in OG CPA, Wyo through graphics, and owl only by acquaintance. Who knew that what began only as brief friendships 5 years ago, would come back and blossom into one of the strongest and most valued friendships for not just ACP, but for me as an individual too. Thank you Chaos for coming back to the community and for being the only army, pretty much, that stood up for ACP when we needed it the most. Thank you Chaos for, even when you disagreed with our decisions, continuing to stand behind us to fight with us. Thank you Chaos, for always making me laugh and smile, sticking by my side even with all the pressure and hatred from the outside community. I know y’all were planning on making a gaming community and I guess this announcement of cpps shutting down made it faster rather than later. But holy hell you had a good run. :Salute: love y’all, you’re always going to be my brothers; and you’re always going to have a home in ACP.

Max (ACP UK Leader)

Although I was never in Chaos back in OG armies, nor the CPPS era, I have had the great pleasure of being their brother ally in 2020. I will never forget how they bravely answered the ACP’s call to arms in a moment of dire need, joining and helping ACP to win World War Rewritten. I didn’t have the best start with Orange, with my undercover troop catching him out for a CP Army Media post, but I quickly came to love him and his fun personality. The Chaos will be remembered as an army like no other, who valued friendship, community and good banter over all else. Something a lot of armies in the community could do well to learn a bit about.

2funky3 (ACP US Leader)

Chaos – were do I begin. They have had ACPs backs since they came back to the community backing us up in the war vs RPF. I can speak for everyone in ACP when saying Chaos have been the coolest and most down to earth army we have ever experienced. On a personal note, I’ve had some catchups and friendships have grown, and I just wanna say that everyone there is cool as shit! HERE COMES CHAOS

Adden (WV Leader)

For me, Chaos is my favorite army that I was never in. I’ve made tons of friends there like Owl, Orange, and Wyo, with many more that I was able to meet along the way. Being a Water Viking, Chaos and us typically had a very close relationship. And through that, I’ve seen many chaos members enter our ranks over the years. It’s sad to seem them go, but I’ll never forget the fun and laid back atmosphere they brought to armies.

Thomas83514 (WV Leader)

I’m really pleased for the Chaos leaders, and the legends of such an amazing army. Springing back into the community and achieving those sizes is a great thing for any army. I have to say that I’m always going to remember Chaos, and the way it was individual and different from other armies. I hope all of you will still remain friends for years to come and enjoy sharing your memories with each other.

Midnightwave (SR Leader)

Chaos will always have a place in my heart. The friends I made here have been and are unforgettable. Out of the all the years I’ve chilled on the chaos chat, I honestly have no clue how I did not end up joining, Chaos was always so warm, and it really felt like the place for me. It was one of the only places in the army community with true positivity, the people were great. I guess I can say I was somewhat apart of it because of all the events I attended and stuff lol but wish I could have been closer. It is sad to see this go. I really did have a lot of fun here. Take care all.

Scorn (Kings Leader)

I joined CPAM in March, late March. I didn’t intend to join Chaos, I was just gonna ask if they wanted to ally and that was it. Now I’m there, and I love it. Orange and I go “way back” and owl calls me “Possum Man” which I love. I’m gonna miss Chaos, mainly because I can’t talk crap about anyone anywhere else, but because everyone there may have language problems, but are so kind.

Phoebe (PIC Leader)

‘phoebe loves you guys (besides orange) and i’m glad i was able to go to some of your events and see how amazing you guys did.

Jodie (SMAC CEO)

Chaos has always been, for me, one of the biggest parts of the CPA community. The one army that everyone knew, that would appear on my Top Ten as a constant across all categories, no matter size or activity – Chaos survived. After I left from CPA media Chaos became a safe space for myself, alongside many other veterans who have come and gone through the years. People come and go, and Chaos remains. Whether that’s in the metaphorical sense of the friends we’ve made and the community we have built within one another, or the literal sense of endless revival which is all too familiar in this community. I’ve made friends for life thanks to Chaos, and no matter what, that should never be taken for granted. From those of us who rarely reach out anymore to those of you still here, thank you for making my childhood and adolescent years the best they could be. Chaos and CPA has left an impact on all of our lives, and I wouldn’t change a single second of it.

Zellybelly (ACP 3ic)

for chaos

Kailey (ACP 3ic)

omg idk if they chaos message post is out out but like just wanna say this. Chaos was an amazing army/community. So welcoming and nice, legit another family. The event we just had was so wholesome and it makes me sad that chaos is leaving. I love chaos :heart:

Aeropos (ACP Troop)

I never was involved w chaos, but i remember them first forming back in the day and its great to still see old faces around! They’ll have a lil place in my ACP heart!

Yetico (ACP Mod)

We live in a time in which finding groups is easy but finding a chosen family not. In the only month I spent with Chaos, without knowing that it was their last month, I found some great friends that I will treasure all my life. I joined as a stranger, only known for being an ally but their nice and open personalities gave me the opportunity to join them in a very effortless way. Since the first time I joined them in a conversation, or a voice chat call, I felt as one more. Chaos, with its many particularities is a family like no other and I am glad I am part of it. Here comes Chaos!

Checko (ACP Mod)

I was moderating the acp server, and then I remembered there was a message from our announcement channel, sayin we just created an alliance with Chaos, and I got excited for that. So, I decided to pay Chaos server a visit, you know, wanting to meet the new people. Not gonna lie, I already started loving the community from Chaos, everyone was friendly, joking around, having fun. It was like, another good family, know what I mean? I wanted to help Chaos, just because how lovely their community were, and dont worry, its still lovely, like right now. Of course, I did help them a little bit as a brother ally. After I found out about Chaos closing doors for cpr, that shit made me feel down, dude. Even if I’m not a part of Chaos, they’re still like a family to me. No more “HERE COMES CHAOS” events, no more “CSY AKA NO BATHTUB HAHAH” tactics, but it is what it is, and I hope the best for them. Love you, Chaos. Thanks for letting me join your vibe :heart:

Henry (ACP Troop)

Chaos, Chaos, Chaos. Words cannot express how much I admired Chaos as an army and a community. Since the beginning, the army showed signs of promise in every single way. World War Rewritten is living proof of Chaos’ success. Try to change my mind. As an ACP troop, I’ve had some heartfelt moments with Chaos, including the one WWR battle against WOK I took part in. It let me experience a different army’s leading style and have fun and hang out with troops from other armies. I never really got the chance to get close to the army and I regret it. Really regret it. Like many others, I’m terribly sad to see Chaos go. I wish the best for y’all as a gaming community, and I’ll continue supporting you guys till the very end.

Baschar (ACP Troop)

I was never IN chaos, but especially in WWR i learned to love you guys. You’re a great community and army to have fought with in WWR. Godspeed, Chaos.

Superhero (CPATG Developer)

*It seems like we destroyed WoK so bad that Super’s memory has gotten a little hazy. Hope you feel better soon Super!

From when I first met Owl probably five years ago till now, Chaos has proven to be one of the mightiest armies the community has ever seen. Always playing fair, they prove the community what heights one can reach with hard work and determination. I will always remember all those when recalling how Warlords Of Kosmos rekt your ass in World War Rewritten. Here Comes Chaos!


I havent been in Chaos, not as a troop or a visitor or wtv
my statement is

Emcee (CPAM CEO)

The people I’ve met from Chaos are kind, dedicated, and good people. I’ve enjoyed spending time with them, whether it was hanging out in a voice chat or working together for the success of the army community. The purple, positive, and fun army will be sorely missed in the CPAM community. I wish the best to all of you and may the paths you take next continue to be as rewarding and memorable.

P.S. Don’t go too far! I’m still down to voice chat and hang.


Final Message

From reading all the messages above, it’s safe to say that Chaos played a significant role in the lives of many and I am grateful for assisting in establishing this community. Chaos has impacted so many people and that can be seen as so many people made their best efforts to attend the last event. This army would not have been possible without the efforts from Sapper, Owl, Zero, and so many more people who have spent years building this community. Thank you to everybody who has been involved with helping this army succeed.
I had always felt uneasy about the way we closed in the previous two generations. It always seemed that we closed merely out of necessity rather than by choice. However this time, I can finally say that this is the end of the road. We are heading out on our own two feet by choice and I am so thankful that we had our last hurrah in the manner we did. This is the proper ending we deserved.
Thank you for everybody who has been a part of this journey. This has been one hell of a ride and I hope that we can continue to build this community and create more lifelong friendships. The reason that we can continue this army as a community is because the people within have shown what friendship and loyalty truly means. Club Penguin was the platform that gave us a connection, however we have all outgrown that game. It’s safe to say that door has been shut and will remain closed.
Though this story is now over, we have the opportunity to do so much more now together and write a new, better story. I am excited to see where we go from here and of course, if you are reading this and you want to join our community (why would you not want to join???) we gladly accept people with open arms ;). Chaos has always been equipped to face a potential shut down of CP because of the bonds that we have built so I know that our journey as a family will continue for a long time and I am excited to see what’s next..Anyways, thank you to anybody who’s gotten this far into the post (y’all are the real ones 🙂 ), and for one last time…

Here Comes Chaos


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