Regarding Chaos' Future

Howdy Chaos! The first few paragraphs are the important stuff, below are thank you’s to people from myself. Orange will have his massive post out later today, but I figured I’d write one too.

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who participated in the last month and a half making this possible. To all the vets, new people, and friends who came back to Chaos off the call of Owl, Orange, and myself, we greatly appreciate you and we could not have done it without you.

As many people know, Chaos will be transforming into and overall Community and a hangout & gaming spot. Many people have already been playing games and with eachother, and I have plans to bring in monthly tournaments and other competitions to allow for some small prizes to be won. I’ll have more details around middle of the month about these.

Chaos’ Discord will go under a transformation in the next week or so and a lot of the roles and channels will be deleted or hidden.

There’s a handful of people that I want to personally thank for sticking by our sides during these past few weeks. Without your encouragement, and sometimes criticism, this could have been a lot less fun for the people involved.

First, I want to thank Sapper for coming to request of assistance regarding the Mayhem situation. Sapper dropped a nuclear bomb on Mayhem and we laughed about it at the time, because we had only returned for a few days and we were already causing drama. Sapper also helped us get several domains and set us up before I swapped webhosts. Without you Sapper, we would have been stuck on a plain website and domain, let alone we wouldn’t even be here today if you had not of created Chaos back in 2012.

Next, I want to thank Unknown. Unk and I were working on designs for tshirt / hoodie before we both get busy, plus Unk’s opinions helped us push into a direction that would keep as many people happy. Unk also helped put money towards the domains and was always willing to help me out if I needed it, which felt like frequently at some points.

Stephen, without your criticism while still having our backs, I would have thrown everything to the wind at one point or another. You held my accountable for my actions, and you offered opinions and advice to keep everyone safe during some of the drama that was going on in the greater community.

Dom, you were the one who opened my eyes as to how dangerous the community was. I understood the risks, but you brought them to my attention and made them a big deal. Your concerns helped us shape the direction that we are ended up going and without you, I’m not sure what would have happened.

Owl, you already know why you’re here, but, you kept me sane during these few weeks and gave me a reason to come back every time I needed to step away. Without you, I probably would have walked away from the army community and never looked back.

Orange, we might have had a few times where our differences caused us to argue, but we 150% could not have done this without you. You have permanently earned my respect for standing up for what you believe in and for still having my back in some of my whack ass decisions that I made.

Jon, for giving me the advice that I needed in times where I wasnt positive in the direction we were going to go, and for being hyped for the future of Chaos.

Subster, Bart, and San, thank you for volunteering constantly to help bring new ideas into the community. Volunteering to help build the website, running game and movie nights, and being there as big supporters of Chaos.

Jester, for being willing to come back and amend for what happened in the past. You were extremely helpful and brought some fresh blood into the leadership staff and some much needed seriousness while also trying to keep it fun.

Ant, for finally actually joining Chaos and being part of the team. We’ve talked about working together in the past and we did a bit but it was good to see what we might have been able to accomplish.

Steph, another one of the few people who kept me sane when you remembered who I was. Constantly encouraging me and giving me a place to vent to a few times. I’m thankful that we have been given an opportunity to talk again and be friends again.

CSY, for being a cool super yoyo and sometimes a bit smelly. Thanks for trusting us to have your back and for being a friend to Chaos.

123go12, for always being there, even if it was silently, and for taking pictures consistently at every event. Without you, we would not have pictures of the past month and we would have to rely on simply memory for this.

Chris, for being a source of entertainment and someone who could calm people’s nerves. You did so much more than that though and I don’t even know how to begin to thank you but we’ll stick with that.

Cubster, for being one of the biggest supporters for bringing Chaos back. You were constantly bringing ideas and suggestions on how to run Chaos this time around, and without you, we would have had a lot harder time adjusting this time around.

To the rest of the vets, and the remainder of Chaos. Thank you, for being here and for the opportunity to lead Chaos, one last time.

Zero / MrWyoskyguy / Marcus

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