Chaos Minecraft Server

After many years of saying “Let’s do a minecraft server”, a couple of mostly failed attempts, we have decided to bring back the Minecraft server.

I’ll need your Minecraft username if you want to join. MC Version is 1.16.4.

Couple of rules:
#1 No griefing.
#2 No stealing.
#3 Let’s try and stay in one general area and build a community
#4 Have fun!


If you have any plugin suggestions (economy, jobs, etc) then feel free to leave them in #┇suggestions. I’m open to almost anything.

Current list of plugins:

  • BetterSleep
  • Vivivaldi Seasons (OptiFine needed, if you need help installing OptiFine feel free to ask me)
  • EssentialsX Suite
  • LuckPerms
  • Vault
  • Chairs
  • Jobs

Planned Features:

  • Jobs & Economy
  • Minigames (Spleef, Survival Games, PVP Arena, etc)

Current Command List:

/rules – Displays the rules
/motd – Displays the message of the day.
/ping – Pong!
/mail – Send your friends mail. Additional arguments include read, clear, send. eg. /mail send <username> <message>
/pay – Pay another user.
/sell – Sell an item to the server.
/worth – Value of an item to the server.
/nick – Change your nickname. Supports Minecraft colors ( & supposedly hex codes (not tested) – /nick <username> <nickame>
/afk – Go AFK.
/kit – Grab a kit. Currently tools, Notch, & color are available
/tpa – Request to teleport to a user. /tpaccept to accept, /tpacancel to cancel a request, /tpahere to request to teleport to you.
/sethome – Set a home to teleport to.
/home – Teleport home.
/back – Go to last teleported position.
/time – Display the current time.
/suicide – Lifes more than this, keep your chin up

2 thoughts on “Chaos Minecraft Server

  1. Hey,
    My discord account died. So if you want to add me back to the chaos discord it’s Gatorade2#0180. I don’t remember anyone’s number because why would I? I’m also assuming someone is actually going to read this.

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