Hall of Fame

The people on this list have served the Chaos Army in some of the most important ways, and will forever be remembered here for their service and time spent at the Chaos Army. These people have contributed to the success of Chaos by either leading them to extraordinary sizes or being heavily involved and influential within the army. They have been the reason for the success of this army. We thank them, collaboratively, all for the work they have done here.

This page was lasted updated on 7/26/2020 and includes our most recently nominated legends.

Sapper is the Creator of the Chaos Army along with Hyper Sonic, and he’s been leader of it since the beginning in 2012. He’s has taken part in almost within almost every successful and helped stabilize the army early on. Sapper was one of the leaders during the MOBS leadership, which was Chaos’ first taste in the CP Army Central Top Ten. He was also apart of many other great leaderships that helped Chaos reach CPAC top ten. He recruited some other Chaos legends including Dae and Orange. He led the army when they reached to the semi-finals of the Legends Cup in 2013 where they defeated the Ice Warriors twice. He was apart of Chaos’s most successful leadership in the summer of 2014 and majorly contributed in wars vs SWAT and Redemption Force. His determination with the army helped Chaos live for over three years – a rare mark only achieved by a select few armies. There were many instances where Chaos was close to shutting down, but his determination and perseverance kept Chaos alive. Sapper also helped the CPPS era of Chaos get started by discrediting certain iterations of Chaos, while fully supporting the OG-led Chaos. 

Orange was one of the first leaders here at Chaos and has been part of it for the majority of his career. He was part of MOBS, which was Chaos’ first taste in CPAC’s Top Ten. He also lead with Sapper in 2013 – where they reached CPAC yet again. It was this summer where Chaos also reached the semi-finals of the Legends Cup where they defeated IW twice during the tournament. He has also been part of multiple other eras in Chaos; the most successful stint being during summer 2014 where Chaos went on an amazing run, winning best medium army of the summer. He has returned to Chaos a countless number of times to help Chaos avoid death and rise back to major sizes. He was also a key leader in the second generation of Chaos where we achieved 1st on CPAC for the first time. He returned for the third and final generation and helped Chaos achieve unbelievable sizes including leading to Chaos victory in a battle vs RPF. He played a huge role in recruiting many new troops into the army. His dedication to the army is why he is a legend. 

Owl has been one of the most loyal and active leaders at Chaos. She first lead Chaos in April of 2013, then in June of that same year. She was one of the leaders that helped Chaos reach 6th in CPAC and has helped them maintain a spot in CPAC numerous times. She recruited some of the best and active troops in Chaos and made them stay. She is known on chat as the “Nice leader of Chaos”, and has always been a fan favorite leader among all the troops. Her most successful reign as occurred during summer 2014 where Chaos had their most successful run. She returned to Chaos countless number of times during the first generation to save the army from death. It was under her leadership where Chaos won a multitude of SMAP/SMAC tournaments including one where they defeated the Light Troops in the finals. She was also a key leader of the second generation where Chaos got number 1 on the CPAC top ten for the first time. She came back to lead the third generation where Chaos hit extraordinary sizes and defeated RPF in a huge battle. She played a huge role in bringing back many of the Chaos veterans, Her loyalty towards the army is why she is a legend.

Wyoskyguy, more commonly known as Sky or Marcus, is one of the newer leaders of Chaos. He originally was leader with Sapper and Nav, however he retired shortly afterwards. He made his return about a month later and began leading a plan that ultimately led to Chaos entering its greatest period of success. He was on of the main reasons why Chaos was able to reach the amazing sizes in the Summer of 2014 and managed to recruit many loyal troops on board. Sky was also one of the primary legends that brought back Chaos for its second generation and was a major factor in getting Chaos to first on CPAC top ten. Sky also returned for the third generation where he helped Chaos achieve unbelievable and including leading to Chaos to victory in a battle vs RPF. Sky has always been one of the most strategical leaders for chaos and his intelligence and experience has brought the army a ton of success.

Dae was one of the first leaders in the army. He joined Chaos for leader in November 2012. He brought in many new recruits as soon as he joined. Chaos went from a struggling small army to a stable medium one. when he joined. He was apart of well-regarded MOBS, which was the first leadership that got Chaos into CPAC. He also stayed with Chaos in a period when almost everybody left, including Sapper and Orange. Before he retired in April 2013, he declared war on 4 armies in a span of 2 weeks. 3 of those armies ended up dying because of those wars. Dae will forever be known as the war-minded leader of Chaos. He retired in April 2013.

Gator was recruited into the army in April 2013. He stuck with Chaos for post of his career. He was a very active and loyal troop to Chaos. He was a major contributor as owner throughout the Summer of 2013. He was Chaos leader in October 2013 and April 2014, but he will be better known as one of the best owners in Chaos history. He always returns to Chaos when he is needed and that is why he is a legend of this army. Even though he is not mentioned in the history as some other legends, he has still done amazing things for Chaos.

Flame joined Chaos later than the other legends did, but he contributed to the army hugely. He joined Chaos in March 2014 and has stuck with Chaos ever since. He was a huge contributor as owner in the Summer of 2014 and finally got leader in September 2014. Even though everybody thought we would fall, we did the opposite. He helped Chaos hit CPAC for a full month. He recruited many different people for Chaos. He was a huge reason why Chaos was successful post Summer 2014 and worked hard to maintain success. He was also leader when Chaos defeated the Light Troops in the finals of a SMAC tournament. Though he hasn’t spent much time with Chaos, his name will always be remembered.

Unknown was one of the first leaders of Chaos. He kept Chaos alive while Sapper was gone in September 2012. Without his leadership during this time, Chaos would have died, He managed to help maintain Chaos and slowly bring consistency and stability to the army. He led through the Chaos-Fusion war which Chaos won. He also led in November 2013, along with Orange, Sapper, and Whats up 11. Together, this leadership led Chaos to max 15+ at almost every event. While he led in November, Chaos crushed Dark Knights in a war. He was on of the people the couped Sapper in November 2013. Even though he hasn’t led Chaos into the CPAC rankings, his name is here because of how nice he was to troops and his dedication to the Chaos Army. He returned to the CPPS era of Chaos and helped the leaders behind the scenes greatly.

123go12 Was one of our loyal troopers back in 2014. He had disappeared, but later returned in 2015 and earned leader. During his leadership, we worked extremely hard to keep Chaos stable. He was one of the very few leaders that could have decent events without the help of Sapper, Orange, or Owl. Even though he joined Chaos later than all the other legends, he showed extreme dedication to Chaos, being one of the most dedicated soldiers of all time.He was the only successful leader in 2015, staying loyal to the army when many decided to leave. 123go12 was also one of the nicer leaders who respected every troop and defended them. He returned to Chaos during the CPPS generation and he helped out with a very successful generation of Chaos. He is a true Chaos recruit.

Dom was apart of the MOBS Leadership as a UK Leader, who helped us reach 17+, and CPAC for the first time during our early ages of Chaos in December 2012. He also joined Chaos many different times and helped as much as he could. He joined Chaos again for the 2020 rebirth on Club Penguin Online, and was ready to put in a ton of work. Unfortunately, Chaos did not open, but out of honor and in expectation for the amount of work that he was willing to put in – 5 of the Chaos Legends decided to unanimously vote Dom in.

Lemonade joined Chaos in early 2013 and quickly earned her way up to 2ic. She was one of the most loyal troops at the time, attending almost every event for the army. She was offered leader numerous amount of times because the leaders believed that she could lead the army to success, however she declined every time because she didn’t want to. Lemon also returned to Chaos in 2020 during the CPPS generation of Chaos and helped out tremendously. Her biggest strength was being an excellent recruiter for the army, often spending many hours successfully bringing in many troops into the army. She will go down as one of the most loyal troops of all time and maybe could have been one of the greatest leaders of all time.


Distinguished Officers

The soldiers on the honorable mentions are loyal, hardworking, members and moderators that have worked their way up to owner. They have also been a part of some of our greatest leaderships or have impacted the army in an amazing way. We would not be the same without these people.


Glitch joined Chaos at a very early time. He was in Chaos during every golden age, proving to be a loyal troop. He has served in Chaos for about two years, longer than any other troop during his time. He was known to be a person that really didn’t care about his rank, but helped out with the army in whichever way he could. He did lead Chaos once, but he was demoted due to him not being ready. Even though he never earned leader back, he was still one of the best troops in Chaos history. He is known to be a funny person and can cheer up people during dark times. He also holds the accolade of being not only the youngest Chaos troop in history, but also the youngest leader in Chaos history.


Cr was one of the most loyal troops Chaos has ever had. He always kept chat alive and made any serious situation a bit happier. He’s the type of leader that troops can think of as a friend, but respect as a leader. He stuck with Chaos through good times and bad. He worked his hardest to be the missing leader Chaos desperately needed. Even though he never quite ready for leader, he managed to be an amazing and active owner. He came back during the CPPS era of Chaos and did a very good job recruiting troops into Chaos. Chaos is forever thankful to him for his loyalty.


32op was one of the early leaders in Chaos, and helped us grow during the beginning when we had just barely opened. He, alongside Unknown, helped saved the army from death during the early ages of Chaos with his recruiting. He also returned a few years later and helped lead the falling Chaos back into CPAC rankings alongside other leaders. 32op. Also played a huge role in the CPPS era of Chaos. First, he recreated a version of Chaos known as Mayhem, where they did extremely well, hitting sizes of 60. However, they unfortunately merged after only two weeks. He also helped out with the real Chaos generation helping out at big events. 32op made sure that Chaos would always be remembered in army history.

Mr. Burns

Mr.Burns was one of the earlier troops that worked his way to leader after a couple of months. He was in the MOBS Leadership which was the first time Chaos made the CPAC rankings. He was our most Loyal troop at the time, He came to almost every event since he joined. Though his leadership stints were short, he made sure to be effective.

Whats Up 11/ Agent 11

11 joined in late 2013 and first led alongside Sapper and Owl where he helped Chaos achieve good, stable sizes. He helped transition Chaos post Summer 2013 where the army faced a defacing. A few months after his departure, he came back and led alongside Sapper, Orange, and Unk, and helped Chaos dominate DK in a war. He helped Chaos with his organized leadership and made sure the army remained consistent. 11 also returned during the CPPS era of Chaos, helping out with recruiting techniques and would attend big events.


Jester joined Chaos to lead the 2nd generation alongside Owl, Orange and Zero in 2016. He provided Chaos with an influx of recruits by having the army partnered with another CPPS. Because of this, the army was able to attain hundreds of recruits, in a time where it was very difficult for armies to bring in any recruits whatsoever, and managed to finally obtain the number one ranking on CPAC. Jester also returned during the CPPS era and played a huge role in foreign relations and battle leadership during the generation. Though he joined Chaos very late compared to the other HOFers, he quickly became ingrained into the Chaos family showing unquestionable loyalty and dedication to the army.


Cubster joined Chaos back in 2014 an quickly earned AUSIA leader. He helped lead Chaos’s most successful and consistent AUSIA division during the summer of 2014 which was a huge reason why Chaos was one of the top armies that summer. He constantly showed loyalty to the army working his hardest to recruit for the army. Cubster also returned to the CPPS era of Chaos in 2020, providing the leaders with information and tips on how to succeed in the modern era of armies. Cubs often woke up extremely early or stay up very late to attend Chaos events. For this reason, Cubs is known as one of the greatest and most loyal Chaos troops of all time.


Regan was one of the hardest working troops in the army. He led a tactic during the very last event of Chaos which turned out to be one of the best tactics in Chaos history. He also attended the Chaos-IW battles during the 2013 Legends Cup where Chaos proved victorious not once but twice.

Madhav 2

Madhav 2 joined Chaos in 2013 alongside future legends Agent 11 and Orange. Madhav proved to be one of the best 2ics of all time, providing the army with one of the most memorable motivational posts. Though he was shortly fired after this post, he will forever be remembered for starting the rise of Chaos through his motivational words.

Dedicated Troops

These are troops that never became leader, or for a short time, but proved their loyalty and activeness as soldiers of the Chaos Army. They basically helped Chaos in tough times and their loyalty is why they are here.

Da Main Cat
Son Nav







Foreign Legends

These people who never actually joined Chaos but helped from whatever army they were in. Their care for Chaos is why they are on this page.