Have you ever felt like you don’t feel appreciated in your army?

Management Positions

The Chaos Management Team is split into four minor positions. This Team is responsible for the day-to-day activities of Chaos as well as long-term planning. 

Leadership Staff Positions


ZeroChaos, Owl, Orange


Klinkguin, Jester, Antonio, Unknown


CR, Jon, Subster, 123go12


Stormblade, Orreanna, Sanmiasha

Support Staff Positions

The Support Staff is responsible for helping the Management Team. These are the people who have been in the army for awhile, and they’re a great source of information if you have questions. A great way to rank up in the Chaos Army is to attend events, recruiting your friends and people on Club Penguin, and being active on our Discord!


Skyfull, 111note, lemonade1sonic, Mari, Xing




The Chaos Crew Positions

The Chaos Crew is designed to specifically follow orders from the Support Staff and Management Positions. Generally, these are people who are new to armies. A great way to rank up in the Chaos Army is to attend events, recruit on Club Penguin & be active on Discord!


Lolly, Bartsimp52, Keynikki, Kandy

Chaos Crew

Energy, gigalugi, gabe, FBI, glitch, jojas, richard, ashley, Carlos, Cena, confusedandscared, Connor, Decreator, Dink, domeniqued, Flame, lily, MooWithoutFear, Peep, Pheo, scotianu, Starzosky, Valor